Our Summer Specials

Heading into summer without a swimming pool? Uh oh! Why not try and beat the heat and get in quick for one of our summer specials. We have some real bargains lined up just in time for the most scorching part of the year, ready to go directly out to your home for installation. Get in quick and get them before they are all snapped up – go on, treat yourself!

The Palm Cove and Cape York pool designs

Two of our most popular designs are on special just in time for summer – the Palm Cove and Cape York. Both pools are available in no less than 6 different sizes:

  • 4.5m x3.0m x1.32m
  • 4.5m x3.0m x1.32m
  • 4.9m x 3.6m x 1.32m
  • 7.5m x 3.6m x 1.32m
  • 8.2m x 4.5m x 1.32m
  • 9.4m x 4.5m x 1.32m

This way, no matter what your yard dimensions are, you’ll be able to find something that fits. Each pool comes with your choice of a sand filter or cartridge filter (21” sand or 75sq.ft. cartridge filter and 550watt pump for the smaller models, 25” sand or 100sq.ft. cartridge filter and 750watt pump for the larger models), and either the saltwater package (including automatic salt chlorinator) or the chlorine/fresh water package. The saltwater package for each pool is just $500 extra. Prices for these pools including everything you need start at $3930 for the 4.5m x3.0m x1.32m chlorine pool, through to $6450 for the 9.4m x 4.5m x 1.32m saltwater pool. Each of these includes a leaf stop cover, a coloured liner, vinyl safety ladder, a large skimmer box, manual vacuum kit with leaf rake, vacuum head, hose, water test kit and CPR chart, plus a Colorbond outer wall. You can choose to upgrade your package to include pool lights or a solar DIY kit.

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The Billabong pool design

The Billabong is also on spesh this summer, with five different sizes available:

  • 4.9m x 3.6m x 1.32m
  • 6.2m x 3.6m x 1.32m
  • 7.5m x 3.6m x 1.32m
  • 7.0m x 4.5m x 1.32m
  • 8.2m x 4.5m x 1.32m

These are available only in the cartridge filter style with chlorine, and range in price from $3150 to $3970 – super affordable! Each model includes ladder, liner, skimmer box and a vacuum kit. You can choose to upgrade to a sand filter, a heavy duty later, or to a more energy efficient pump.

Also available is the Billabong Spacesaver – a smaller pool but at a truly bargain price. For our smallest model of 4.5m x 3m x 1.32m, this starts at $2540.

Check out these specials plus more and get yourself a super affordable above ground swimming pool this summer! At Affordable Pools, we make pool ownership cheap and easy for everyone.

Key Differences Between an Above Ground and a Semi Above Ground Pool

Pools are a wonderful addition to the back or front yard that can help keep you cool with a dip during the warmer months of the year. If you are looking to purchase a new pool, then you have some important decisions to make. The first decision to look at is what type of pool to buy – and you have three different types here to choose from. They are in ground, above ground, and the semi above ground pool.

You will probably know by now of in ground and above ground pools already, and the semi above ground pool is a bit of a different take on an above ground pool.

Here we outline the key differences between the two.

Surrounds of the pool
This is where the biggest difference between an above ground pool and a semi above ground pool lies. With a regular above ground pool, the pool itself is completely free standing. It will extend over a metre high, just from the ground itself, and it will have a ladder attached so that you can enter the pool easily. A semi above ground pool will be either partially or completely hidden by some other structure. This may be the ground, a deck, or other materials.

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Cost difference
Above ground pools are less expensive overall that semi above ground pools. This is because the landscaping surrounding the semi above ground pool is an additional cost to the pool.

The outer shell
If the pool is surrounded by dirt around the edges (i.e. the ground has been dug out, or sloped up surrounding the pool) then the pool shell may need to be made out of a different shell than an above ground pool. It may need to be sturdier as it will need to be strong enough to without the force of the dirt next to the shell. If the shell is surrounded by space (i.e. it is built into an elevated deck), then there may be no difference between the shell of the semi above ground pool and an above ground pool.

Above ground and semi above ground pools are both far less expensive than in-ground swimming pools. A semi above ground pool is a popular choice for a landscaped look, and a regular above ground pool is a popular choice for the most affordable model on the market.

Whether you’re after an above ground or semi above ground pool, we have what you are looking for at Affordable Pools. We help homeowners to purchase their very own pool for their house at a very cost efficient price. With both chlorinated and salt water models available, there is something for everyone in store with us.

How long should an above ground pool installation take?

There is no doubt about it, there is NOTHING like spending summer by (or in) the pool. It doesn’t matter whether you live by the beach or somewhere *inland* having a pool provides a range of advantages –

  • It’s a safe place for you and your family to relax
  • It increases the amount of time you spend outside
  • It increases your levels of fitness
  • It increases the value of your home

For families a pool helps alleviate summer holiday boredom and gives your children a safe place to play and have fun, if you can’t get to the beach you can still enjoy the fun of water and sun, right in your own backyard – you also avoid all those crowds!

People choose to build an above ground pool because they are fast to install, affordable and easy to maintain. Above ground pools are every bit as safe and fun as an in-ground pool. Depending on your yard, and your installer you can have your pool up and running anywhere from 24-72 hours later. Above ground pools are also easy to remove.

With the days getting longer and the weather warming up, spending time around the pool is one thing the whole family will love to do – don’t let another summer pass without a pool.

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Above ground pools are an excellent alternative to an in-ground pool, most above ground pool kits come with their own assembly and installation instructions for those who want to install the pool themselves. If you have enough help and you prepare sufficiently it can take less than a day to install some above ground pools.

If you would prefer, your pool supplier will be able to arrange installation of the new pool for you.

Prepare the ground – in most cases you will need to prepare the ground under your pool. This could include removing sod, levelling the soil and installing a foundation of sand. This procedure alone can take several hours depending on the location of your pool.

Assembling the frame – the pool’s frame needs a solid foundation to sit on. This foundation can be pavers, patio stones etc – as long as they are embedded flush into the ground. While this is being done, have others start assembling the frame. With enough help this should take a few more hours.

Installing the liner – this is the most delicate part of the installation, take care not to rip or tear the liner. The liner should be carefully examined for any damage.

Considerations – if you have only one or two people helping plan on making it a weekend to install the pool. Before filling your pool, your fencing should be in place, if not wait till your fencing is erected before filling the pool.

Why above ground pools are still so popular

Above ground pools are the perfect option for homeowners who want a swimming pool but aren’t ready for the expense (and work) of putting in an in-ground swimming pool. Many of us growing up had the 3-foot-deep above ground pool in the backyard, as adults, we want the same for our children. For this reason, there are still a lot of benefits to owning an above ground pool.

The main reason above ground pools are still so fashionable is because they are so affordable. They are less expensive to buy and install than an in-ground pool. They are also perfect for the homeowner who isn’t sure he or she wants to commit long-term to an in-ground pool, or perhaps they just feel that where they are living isn’t going to be for long. If you are unsure if the kids will use the pool, how long you’ll be living there, and finances are a concern an above ground pool makes terrific sense.

Above ground pools are considered as temporary structures, but you will still need council approval – including a fence, this is a necessary added expense for the safety of your family and any visitors. Don’t forget most above ground pools can be taken down and moved to your next home. All you need is a new liner, and your pool can be quickly re-installed.

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Parents of young children (babies in particular) like above ground pools as they need to be climbed into, it’s not something a baby can crawl and fall into, these styles of a pool are not easily accessible for young children. For those with young children an in-ground pool is at a level that is dangerous, it will require close supervision, and children think they can just lean over to retrieve a wayward ball, with an above ground pool they need an adult to help.

If your backyard isn’t level, again above ground pools are a perfect choice. It can be both expensive and difficult to install an in-ground pool in a yard that has an uneven surface; an above ground pool just needs the uneven patches levelled, and away you go!

With summer fast approaching, if you are dreaming of relaxing in your very own swimming pool – an above ground pool is the answer to your prayers. In-ground pools can take months from approval to installation, with above ground pools once you have approval, the pool can be set up in no time.

As above ground pools continue becoming more popular manufacturers are coming up with new trends and ideas for above ground pools and their accessories – you’ll easily find the pool that’s just perfect for you and your family.

It’s time to prep your pool for Summer!

Did you close your pool for winter? Even if you left it open and indulged in a few laps, Summer is coming, so it’s time to get the water ready for a whole lot of splashing, especially if you intend to have fun-filled barbeques and Christmas guests.

Above ground pools and in-ground pools have similar maintenance patterns, so reviving them for summer follows the same necessary steps. If you haven’t installed your surprisingly cheap swimming pool yet, it’s not too late. Get in touch with us here at Affordable Pools, and we can discuss the logistics of installation. But if you need to re-open your existing pool, here are some suggestions.

Opening the pool is more work than you’d think, so enlist the help of a few friends. You can always pay them in barbequed treats, and it’s certainly a good excuse for a party. Most people open their pools around the same time, but you should plan to open yours a few weeks early.

When you open your pool early, you might get pool gear at discounted ‘new season’ prices. It will also be easier for you because the weather won’t be uncomfortably hot yet. Concerning cleanliness, the hotter it is, the more algae grows, so it’s useful to open the pool before more algae sprouts beneath the pool cover.

Go to the pool store and buy all the supplies you need. You will need a pool opening kit, which usually contains pool chemicals like chlorine, alkalinity products, and chlorine stabilisers. For an above ground pool do be careful not to go overboard on chemicals. Regarding tools, you will need a telescoping pole, a pool brush, a skimmer head, a vacuum hose, and a vacuum head.

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Test strips are essential as well. Pools respond in different ways, depending on water content, duration of the closure, contaminant levels, and atmospheric conditions. The colour of the water could range from clear to mossy green. You’ll need to clean the water, then do basic maintenance, cleaning the floor and sides with a pool brush and skimmer basket.

Start by removing the pool cover, then turn on the pump and filter, and keep them running until the pool water reaches its usual clean colour. Once the water’s natural tone is restored, put the filter back into a cycle of 10 to 12 hours per day. The colour of the pool isn’t an indicator of its health. To find that out, you need to run a test.

For your test results to be accurate, you need to take a proper sample. You shouldn’t dip the test strip into the pool or scoop a cup from anywhere in the pool. Instead, stretch your hand over the pool, away from the return line. Invert the cup so that it’s upside down, then lower your hand into the pool until the water reaches your elbow.

Turn the cup back upright and raise it out of the pool, full of water. Dip your test strips in the cup to check the levels of chlorine or salt, depending on what pool sanitizer you use. You will also check for pH, alkalinity, calcium, chlorine hardness, or cyanuric acid.

If possible, take the water sample to the pool store instead of checking it yourself. Since this will be the first test after opening the pool, having it done professionally will give you more detailed results. Make sure to mention the type of pool you have as above ground pools have different requirements to concrete pools, and so on. Once you have your results, you’ll know what chemicals to add or reduce.

Your pool should be at around 7.2 pH. You can also put in some algaecide to get rid of anaerobic plant growth.Your pool is now ready to use. Clean your pool cover, store it, and dive in.

For more information on all kinds of swimming pools, call us today on (02) 8625 3656.

Our DIY Solar Kits in focus

Above ground pools in Australia are a must have when it comes to our scorching summers. During the warm months, we live in the water, especially when the kids are home during the holidays. Nothing beats a barbeque with the family when the weather is fantastic, and the pool is refreshing and clean.

Being environmentally conscious is the way of the future. And using the energy of the sun has become more and more popular in recent years.

Here at Affordable Pools, we have made it possible for you and your family to enjoy year long swimming without the heavy cost of fuel. Wouldn’t it be amazing to use your pool all year, without having to pay an arm and a leg to keep it heated in the colder months? This is where our Solar DIY Kits come in.

The Solar DIY Kit works by pumping the cold water from your swimming pool and circulating it through conductive tubes which are situated on your roof. It then returns the heated water into your pool.

It only heats up the pool when the sun is hot enough, and it will keep the temperature within 1% of your desired water temperature.The Solar DIY Kits can be used in spas as well as other combined systems.

It only heats up the pool when the sun is hot enough, and it will keep the temperature within 1% of your desired water temperature.The Solar DIY Kits can be used in spas as well as other combined systems.

The Solar DIY kit adds 6-10 degrees to the water of your pool, meaning less freezing water and lots more pool enjoyment.

With almost zero running costs, the Solar DIY Kit is a long-term investment. One which you’ll reap the rewards of for many years. It increases the value of your home, and basically, never needs any form of maintenance. Time, money and inconvenience are all saved when installing this fantastic, environmentally friendly product. Our Kits are comprised of Australian made components, keeping it local and without extra costs. And with a ten-year warranty, it’s a win-win situation.

The value of your pool will increase through the additional swimming months gained each year. Late night swimming can be a regular occurrence, and a winter pool party is something to think about. Water aerobics can also be enjoyed year long, it’s a great form of exercise, and you don’t have to drive to the gym to get to a warm pool.

Please note that additional plumbing will be needed to connect the solar collector mat from your roof to your swimming pool.

Why our Palm Cove pools are so popular

If you’re looking for the kind of swimming pool that will stand out, consider getting a Palm Cove pool. It follows the increasingly popular trend of salt water pools. Salt water pools don’t necessarily have no chlorine, but salt is their primary sanitizer, with just a small amount of chlorine.

Salt water pools are environmentally friendly pool set-ups. They are also more comfortable to swim in. Have you noticed that you get more tired swimming in a pool or lake than you do in the ocean? You might have thought it was because of distance, size, or depth. But it’s more a matter of density. Ocean water is denser, which makes you more buoyant.

Similarly, you can enjoy a more leisurely swim in a salt water pool than you would in a regular chlorine pool. Our Palm Cove model is one of our best-selling, surprisingly cheap, swimming pools. It comes in two options. You can just buy the pool on its own, or you can buy the full package, which includes additional tools and features.

The Palm Cove pool is 4 feet 4 inches deep (1.32 metres), and its sizes range from 2.4 metres to over 15 metres. You can select a round pool or an oval one, depending on your style. Round pools occupy more space, but they’re smaller. Their maximum diameter is 5.4 metres.

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Some of the things our clients love about the Palm Cove pool include its stylish look and top quality components. The pool parts are made out of resin and stainless steel, with additional reinforcement for extra stability. Like all our products here at Affordable Pools, the Palm Cove comes with a 20-year warranty.

Above ground swimming pools are easy to install, so you can choose to set it up yourself, or you can call our professional pool crew to install it for you. It comes with a sandstone-coloured wall coated in PHP colourbond paint, and it also has vertical resin posts and rails that are fully extruded. The pool has a deck ladder made of smooth, moulded plastic.

The resin copings at the top of the pool are 180mm wide, and the pool liner consists of heavy-duty premium materials that are tough to pierce. The pool design also includes a large skimmer box to collect leaves and fallen debris.

If you choose to buy the complete Palm Cove package, you will get a manual vacuum kit that contains a vacuum head, a test kit, a left scoop, and a CPR chart for guidance in case of emergencies. The package also has sand or cartridge filter, as well as a pump and a salt water chlorinator. If you just buy the pool, you can source the other components separately.

For more information on all kinds of swimming pools, call us today on (02) 8625 3656.

Inspiring pool landscaping ideas for Summer 2017

Usually, landscaping includes lots of plants and strategic water features. When you have an above ground pool, the focus is reversed. Your swimming pool is now the central design element, and the surrounding features are only intended to highlight the water.

There are many different options when it comes to beautifying your pool, and you can work within any budget. Keep in mind that cheap swimming pools can be elevated if you use strategic decor. You can create a high-end ambience if you use the right plant cover, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it.

One quick way to add some class to your pool is to install a pergola. You can place it over the entire pool, which can be quite beautiful. It’s not advisable though because while it will give your pool a romantic aura, it will also increase your work load. The vines circling the pergola will routinely shed leaves and flowers into the pool, which means you spend more time cleaning. All those leaves are also likely to clog your filter.

Instead, set the pergola more to the side, so that it makes a cosy enclave where guests can share some poolside drinks and conversation. In addition to this fragrant shaded area, put in some lounge chairs and recliners so that swimmers can bask in the sun when they feel inclined.

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Your pergola can have some benches incorporated into it, but you can also have an outdoor picnic area with a few chairs and tables. This makes for a great meal area, especially if you’re having a pool party or barbeque. Choose seats that are waterproof. Vinyl is better than fabric, since it’s easier to clean, though it heats up quickly and can burn, so keep vinyl seats in a shaded area. Foldable canvas chairs withstand weather better.

The floor around your pool also offers some great decor options. Most people settle for your basic brick and concrete, but you can add some style by using natural stone instead. There are plenty of affordable options, so it doesn’t have to be pricey. Plus, the stone is cooler to the touch than concrete or cement, so it will be gentler on swimmers’ bare feet.

A pool surrounded by tropical forestry is a landscaper’s dream, but it may take some time for your little poolside jungle to grow. Your landscapers can install palm fronds and bamboo reeds to beautiful effect.

An easier option is to incorporate potted plants into your pool design. Your landscaper can advise you on the best varieties for your pool. They’re generally fine with daily watering and all little weeding. That’s probably something you can manage without external help.

Inspiring pool landscaping ideas for Summer 2017

If you’re ambitious and are looking for more extreme decor, install additional water features beside your pool. You could have a pond, fountains, or waterfalls. To top it off, surround your pool with trees and flowers, so that it looks more like a blended piece of nature.

Whichever form of pool decor you select, be sure to keep your water clean and well chlorinated or salted. This prevents natural micro-organisms from causing murk and breeding infections. To get in touch with Affordable Pools for more information, call us on (02) 86253656.

Why you should install a pool this spring

Winter is over, and the ground is starting to dry up. Pools that had been closed for the rainy season are opening up, and as you see your neighbours prepare for sunny days, you may be tempted to join in. It’s a natural impulse. After months of doom and gloom, sunning yourself by the pool feels like paradise.

That’s probably why every spring comes bursting with dreams of cheap swimming pools. It’s both a reaction to months of chilly weather and preparation for the sunny days of summer. After all, a Christmas party by the pool sounds like a divine way to end the year.

Installing a pool in the spring has lots of advantages. The ground is still soft from all that winter precipitation, so it makes excavation faster and cheaper. You do need to be extra careful though and make sure your pool builders do a good job. They have to secure the pool platform and ensure it’s firm and stable on all that soft soil.

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Another benefit is that this rich, moist, rain-soaked soil is great for landscaping. You can put in beautiful foliage and flowers to accessorise your pool, and since the soil is primed for planting, your greenery will root much faster.

Many pool companies close for the winter because there isn’t much demand. Of course, if you’ve bought an affordable above-ground unit, you can get some handy help, watch some online videos, and install it yourself, so you still win.

Depending on the kind of pool you’d like to install, your yard can get quite busy. An above-ground pool can be completed in a day or two, while an in-ground pool could take several weeks. Either way, installing your pool in spring gets it ready in plenty of time for summer.

Affordable Pools has a massive stock of pool equipment and accessories, and we’re on hand to help, whether you want to do the work yourself or hire our team to install it for you. Whatever your poolside needs, get in touch with us today on (02) 8625 3656.

Our most popular models

We realise buying a pool is a big decision, you want to get the best pool for your money, you don’t want to spend money on a cheap pool that you’ll just be pouring more and more money into overtime. Above ground pools are a great option for the family who wants all the fun and benefits of having a swimming pool in their back yard without the huge costs of installing an in-ground pool.

Above ground pools are perfect for those who move a lot, who are renting, or see a pool as a short-term project for *while the kids are little*. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular above ground pools.

Chlorine/Fresh water Cape York Pools

This pool range now comes with resin top coping, and are available in optional standard or profiled deep ends. Coming in a depth of 1.32m (4’4”) the Cape York has all the features of the Sanctuary Cove pool with a top ledge of 180mm (7”) a sandstone colour bond wall, cream metal frame, fully galvanised steel and elegantly tapered uprights. If you combine all this with a deep-end design option you can increase the depth of your pool to an amazing 1.70m.

This pool is available in both round and oval shapes to suit any yard.

The complete Cape York Package consists of:

  • Pump
  • BHP colour bond wall in Sandstone
  • Your choice of either a Sand or Cartridge filter
  • Powder-coated Primrose Cream metal frame with 180mm heavy duty wide resin top seats
  • Full manual vacuum kit – leaf scoop, vacuum head, CPR chart and water test kit
  • Premium heavy-duty liner
  • Plastic moulded deck ladder
  • Large skimmer box

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Saltwater Pools – The Space Saver Range

These pools have been specifically designed for smaller back yards and come in a range of sizes, from 2.4M wide – in sizes from 3.6M to a huge 9.6M. Our 3.0M wide pools are available in sizes from 4.5M to 9.2M. All pools are a standard 1.32M deep.

The complete saltwater Space saver range package includes –

  • Premium heavy-duty liner
  • Large skimmer box
  • BHP colour bond wall in Sandstone
  • Your choice of a sand or cartridge filter
  • Pump
  • Extruded Resin vertical posts and rails
  • Plastic moulded deck ladder
  • Full manual vacuum kit – leaf scoop, CPR chart, water test kit and vacuum head
  • 20gram P/H Saltwater Chlorinator
  • 180 wide top resin copings

Above ground pools usually come in 3 standard shapes – round, oval and rectangular. Depending on what you want a pool for the shape can make all the difference. If you want to exercise, then a rectangular pool will allow you to swim laps, if you just want it for fun/recreation then the shape really doesn’t matter. You also need to pay attention to the space you have available.