Today Affordable Pools will compare the two styles of common backyard pools, the above ground *family* swimming pool and the lap pool. What is the difference?

Above ground swimming pools are defined by their size and their purpose. They are generally round in shape and sit on top of the ground. Above ground pools inject some FUN into your yard, they are used for recreation and are a great way to spend time with your family.

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  • Benefits include keeping your children active, social – inviting their friends around and safe supervised fun. These pools are also great for entertaining – pool parties, for a little exercise, for swimming, splashing around, playing games, cooling off or enjoying a relaxing dip.
  • Features of this style include – they are not *permanent* and can actually be moved if you find the location is no longer convenient. If you move to a new house you can take the pool with you. Above ground pools are not *invasive* so if you are renting and have the landlord’s approval, you can have one and when you move minimal damage is done to the backyard. They are cheaper than having an in-ground pool installed.
  • This is a classic style of pool, that a lot of aussie kids – now with families of their own, will remember splashing around in when they were younger. These pools are also a lot easier to care for these day, better filters, choices of salt water or chlorine, heaters and so much more.

Swimming pool Vs a lap pool

Lap pools are typically inground pools and they are longer and thinner than above ground family swimming pools. A lap pool can measure 10 X 2.5 metres.

  • The benefits of lap pools include – they are a great way to keep fit. These types of pools often take up a smaller area of your yard and the area where you swim laps is generally free from ladders and steps. The sides of a lap pool are straight and not angled which allows the swimmer to move their arms around freely when swimming into the sides.
  • Features of lap pools include – extra underwater lighting – great for early morning or evening swims, heating so you can train all year round and water jets to help with resistance training.
  • Some of the trends in lap pools include – extending the lap pool underneath bridge walkways or even into the home. Adding garden walls and rock features to remove the *starkness* – breaking up the length of the pool, making it a feature of the back yard. Buyers can often combine a lap pool with an outdoor spa, or even an above ground swimming pool to cater for all members of the family.

Pools are great for exercise and fun, it just depends which pool is right for you.