At one stage getting a pool was *easy* but today, with so many pool colours to choose from it can be a hard decision, what is the right pool colour for your backyard? Buying a pool for your backyard is a big investment and it is there for all to see, so you really want to get the look *right* and this includes choosing the right colour for your pool. One of the best ways to decide is to visit an Affordable Pools display centre and look at their range of above ground pools for yourself. Here you can see a range of not only the most popular pool colours, but also any upcoming trends. These colours may not be *cool* right now, but give it time…..

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There are a few things you should consider when choosing a colour for your above ground pool.

● What look and feel are you wanting to create in your backyard? Are you planning on a chic and cool place, a lagoon or resort style feel? A tropical oasis or a Tuscan haven? You should also consider the colour of your home, once you have decided on a theme for your backyard it will guide you towards colours to work with.

● Depending on the size of your swimming pool, you may be planning to place it right in the middle of your yard – creating a centre-piece. Of course, like any centrepiece it needs to compliment your yard while adding that *wow* factor.

● Other factors you should consider when choosing a pool colour are *the theme of your backyard * what will be surrounding your pool *water temperatures of a pool with a lighter colour can reflect the sun’s heat – this will result in cooler water *Reflection of the water – a lighter pool colour will draw your eyes to the bottom of the water making it look more inviting, but you will need to ensure you keep the bottom of the pool clean.

● Safety is another important factor – you need to consider how slippery any pool surrounds may be when they get wet, so perhaps select a pool surround that is textured.

Choosing The Colour of Your Pool

● Dark pool surrounds can attract and retain heat, during summer, when it’s hot, surfaces like that may be too hot and uncomfortable to walk on

● Pool surrounds should be darker than the pool, if you have chosen a light-coloured pool, some good complimentary colours include – *Dark wooden decking *Bluestone, *Dark slate, *Sandstone with red, brown and orange earth tones, *Dark limestone, *Dark granite, Dark brick or * Travertine with chocolate and caramel tones.
If you try and keep these factors in mind when choosing a colour for your pool, you should be able to easily achieve the look and feel you are going for. Visit Affordable Pools today for more information and advice.