Blocks of land are getting smaller and smaller, as developers try and get as many new homes onto a parcel of land that they can. This means the days of the big backyard pool – for many in new homes – is a dream that just won’t happen. The good news is – if you don’t HAVE a lot of space there are pools out there for you. Finally, thanks to above ground pools you can still have a swimming pool.

For many people, above ground pools were the only source of *entertainment* – of summers spent splashing around with friends and family. Thankfully above ground pools – especially the smaller space saver pools are making a comeback. Thanks to advances in designs, above ground space saver pools are more innovative, cost effective and convenient than ever before.

Above ground space saver pools can be installed directly on top of the ground, and combined with clever decking and landscaping you can create a resort-style pool at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fiberglass or concrete pool and above ground space saver pools can be installed in just days rather than weeks.

Space saver pools are more adaptable for small spaces compared to inground pools. If you have a strange shaped yard or limited space, consider an above ground space saver pool. It doesn’t matter if your yard is big, small, narrow, wide or sloping there is an above ground pool suitable for any yard.

There are two main styles of pools in the above ground pool market – narrow or small pools and resin pools. Thanks to the increase in salt chlorinators the above ground pool market had to adapt and change to accommodate salt water pools. This has led to the rise in resin pools – this reduces the chances of corrosion and rust in comparison to the older style steel pools.

Thanks to the higher levels of plastic in above ground pools resin pools don’t rust or oxidise, they don’t have the erosion problems seen in older steel post pools which means the space saver pools of today last longer.

Space saver pools have fewer parts and just clip together which makes them perfect for anyone renting, or for young families as space saver pools are easy to remove from the back yard as children grow older and have less use for a pool.

As backyards continue to get smaller there is a trend towards the space saver style above ground pools – people don’t want a huge pool taking up the whole yard, space saver pools are the perfect way to have the convenience of a pool without losing all your space.