There’s nothing more relaxing than a tropical holiday. From the warm weather to the sun-soaked days at the beach to the breathtaking scenery, everything about a resort getaway is perfect for unwinding and getting back in touch with nature.

Unfortunately, we can’t be on holiday full-time (as much as we’d like to). However, there are ways to replicate the resort aesthetic at home. For example, adding tropical plants to your pool area can amp up the tropical vibes to make you feel like you’re on a permanent vacation.

Below, find a list of five of the best pool-side plants to bring the resort feel to your home.

Palm trees

Of course, no list of resort-style plants would be complete without palm trees. These versatile plants come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll find plenty of options for your pool area – no matter how much space you have.

If your backyard is suited for tall palms, consider a Bangalow palm or a golden cane palm. Either one will instantly add a holiday-like vibe to your backyard and make you feel like you’re in the tropics. You can purchase potted palms from Bunnings and plant them yourself, or you can contact a local landscaper for more options.


Bamboo is another excellent option to create a resort-like pool area – particularly if you’re aiming for a zen, spa-style aesthetic. There are numerous species of bamboo, including leafy green plants like the Chinese dwarf or dwarf green stripe bamboo. If you prefer a taller, more classic-looking bamboo, look out for Slender Weavers or China gold bamboo.


As the state flower of Hawaii, hibiscus is a must-have in any tropical-themed pool area. It grows in several different sizes and colours, including pink, purple, white, and yellow, so you can choose one that complements your outdoor space. To really amp up the tropical vibe, plant your hibiscus alongside a fragrant bunch of frangipani.

Ornamental ginger

Ornamental ginger plants are unique, colourful plants that work perfectly in a Balinese or tropical-inspired garden. You can find them in diverse shapes, sizes, and shades, ranging from elongated blue-purple styles to bulbous orange-red styles. No matter which colour you choose, these stunning plants will undoubtedly make a statement in your pool area.

Tree fern

Finally, tree ferns are another quintessential tropical plant. Some species of tree ferns (like the dwarf tree fern are small and dainty, growing to just one metre in height. Others, like the Australian tree fern, can grow up to 10 metres, providing big patches of shade for your backyard. If you have enough space, pool-side tree ferns are certainly worth the consideration.

Incorporating tropical plants and flowers is just one way to create a resort-style feel in your pool area. Another option is to upgrade your current pool to a state-of-the-art luxury model from Affordable Pools.

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