Winter is over, and the ground is starting to dry up. Pools that had been closed for the rainy season are opening up, and as you see your neighbours prepare for sunny days, you may be tempted to join in. It’s a natural impulse. After months of doom and gloom, sunning yourself by the pool feels like paradise.

That’s probably why every spring comes bursting with dreams of cheap swimming pools. It’s both a reaction to months of chilly weather and preparation for the sunny days of summer. After all, a Christmas party by the pool sounds like a divine way to end the year.

Installing a pool in the spring has lots of advantages. The ground is still soft from all that winter precipitation, so it makes excavation faster and cheaper. You do need to be extra careful though and make sure your pool builders do a good job. They have to secure the pool platform and ensure it’s firm and stable on all that soft soil.

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Another benefit is that this rich, moist, rain-soaked soil is great for landscaping. You can put in beautiful foliage and flowers to accessorise your pool, and since the soil is primed for planting, your greenery will root much faster.

Many pool companies close for the winter because there isn’t much demand. Of course, if you’ve bought an affordable above-ground unit, you can get some handy help, watch some online videos, and install it yourself, so you still win.

Depending on the kind of pool you’d like to install, your yard can get quite busy. An above-ground pool can be completed in a day or two, while an in-ground pool could take several weeks. Either way, installing your pool in spring gets it ready in plenty of time for summer.

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