You’ll often find that people are more excited to learn if a pool is saltwater over chlorine. But why is that? What makes people prefer to swim in a saltwater pool? The reason is that it’s lower in chlorine than a regularly chlorinated swimming pool.

Saltwater pools are more gentle on the skin and eyes than chlorinated pools. This means that people with allergies or easily irritated skin and eyes can happily paddle about for hours without adverse effects. If you or your family have ever got red eyes, or dry itchy skin from a chlorinated pool then saltwater is the obvious choice for your backyard.

At Affordable Pools we have two different models of saltwater pools available for customers to choose from. We know that adding more choice makes you guys happy! Each pool is specially designed for saltwater, so you know that it’s going to last.


The Palm Cove Pool

Our Palm Cove pool is the most popular choice for saltwater pools in an affordable package. This above ground pool can be installed as is, or sunken beneath decking to make it look like an in ground pool. The pool itself has a depth of 1.32 metres, plus you have the option of adding a profiled deep end to your pool if you’ve got some tall people in your household!

The Palm Cove pool is available in either a round or an oval shape, to fit in with the surrounds of your backyard. The pools start at $3090 for a round 3m diameter model. The round models come in the 3m, or 3.65m, 4.50m, or 5.40m diameters.

If you are looking for an oval shaped pool, these come in widths of 3m, 3.65m, or 4,5m. The lengths of the oval pools vary from 4.5m to a huge 11.8m.

Each pool has BHP colourbond Sandstone walls, a plastic ladder, skimmer box, wide top resin copings, and extruded resin vertical posts and rails.

You’ve got the option to upgrade to a complete package which includes a manual vacuum kit, a saltwater chlorinator, filter, and pump.

The Spacesaver Range

The Spacesaver Range is for those who have less space in their yards for a big pool. This range has a skinnier profile than our regular pools so you can still get the pool you want without making any sacrifices.

The Spacesaver saltwater pools come in either 1.2m or 1.32m deep varieties and come with a 20 year warranty. Pools come in either a 2.4m width or a 3.0m width, with lengths ranging from 3.6m through to 9.2m. These pools come with all the same inclusions as the Palm Cove range, with upgrades available for the complete package with pump, chlorinator, filter, and vacuum kit, too.

Saltwater pools are a great lifestyle choice for households who are easily affected by chlorine. If you would like to chat more to us about our range, or are interested in getting your very own saltwater pool for summer, call us to discuss your options for the most affordable range of saltwater pools in Australia.