Statistics claim 85% of Aussies live within 50km of a beach. That doesn’t mean we can hit the sands whenever we want, but it does mean our prevailing weather is hot and humid, making swimming pools an essential part of many households. If you plan it right, you can even install a tank below your pool. The available space and your budget will dictate the size of your pool. At Affordable Pools, we install cheap swimming pools that range from a little over 1m to nearly 12m.

Our standard pool depth is 1.32 metres, but we have the technology to add a deep-end to your existing pool, as long as it’s a Palm Cove or Cape York. We can refurbish these models, tapering your deep end up to 1.7m, and our pool models have warranties of 10 to 20 years.

Here are some tips for choosing your pool.

Fitness pools

Serious swimmers prefer to practice in Olympic pools, but few homes have that kind of space. An Olympic pool is up to 3m deep, and your landscape and soil type would have to be strong enough to accommodate that. Plus it would have to be an in-ground model to support all that weight, or maybe an above-ground swimming pool made from a repurposed shipping container. That’s becoming a popular choice because it doesn’t need additional finishing.

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For home fitness, a lap pool can be useful, especially for narrower yards, though you’re still limited to the sizing options offered by your pool company. As a general guideline, diving pools have to be 2.8m or more to avoid head injuries. If your pool is a metre or two, you’re safer jumping in feet first, using a ladder, or installing pool steps. Kids need smaller swim spaces, but they’ll soon outgrow anything shallower than a metre.

Just splashing about

If you merely want an excuse to get wet on a hot day, then a footbath or inflatable is adequate. But for proper swimming and pool games, you want to manage basic strokes without your feet touching the ground, even if you don’t have enough room to tread water. Our 1.32m depth does that suitably because it provides ample buoyancy. And our sterilisation options include both salt-water and regular chlorine so that you can take your pick.

That said, if you must have a deep pool, you can talk to us about commercial pool options. Ordinarily, concrete site-poured pools are recommended for enhanced depth, because you can make them any size you want. But our commercial models offer more flexibility regarding depth, so if you’re shopping for your mall, school, hotel, or gym, talk to us about commercial pool dimensions. We offer interest-free instalment plans, regardless of pool size.

For pools that are the perfect depth, call Affordable Pools today on (02) 8625 3656.