There are hundreds of articles about the best time to build above ground swimming pools in Australia. Many home owners build in the spring, getting their yards ready for a frolicking summer. Others swear by the cost-saving benefit of winter pool installation. After all, nobody else is doing it, and many pool companies close for the season, so you get off-peak pricing, both for your builders and your pool equipment.

At Affordable Pools, we believe the best time to build is whenever there’s a sale. And right now, we have specials on all kinds of pool equipment, so if you’re considering a pool installation in the near future, start planning (and stocking up) today. Pool equipment isn’t a perishable, so you can always buy whatever you need then install the pool when you’re ready. On the other hand, the sooner you build, the sooner you swim so …

Size does matter

Have you thought about how big (or small) your pool should be? Your decision is probably driven by the size of your yard, how often you swim, and how many people are likely to be in the pool at any one time. Here’s one more thing you can consider. While stocks last, we’ll give you a generous discount on the following pool sizes, including a filter, chlorinator, and either an auto-cleaner or a leaf cover. The offer applies to Cape York and Palm Cove pools, and the depth for all six pool sizes is 1.32m.

  • 4.5m x 3m
  • 5.6m x 3m
  • 4.9m x 3.6m
  • 7.5m x 3.m
  • 8.2m x 4.5m
  • 9.4m x 4.5m

In addition, we’ll throw in a pool liner in sky blue or midnight blue, a colorbond wall of Aussie BHP, a skimmer box for large pool, a safety ladder made of vinyl, verticals and wide top copings made from resin, and a vacuum kit for manual use. The kit has a CPR chart, a kit for testing the chemical levels in your water, a hose, a vacuum head, and a leaf rake. These specials come as a comprehensive pool package, and it’s what we recommend.

Just the pool please

Some buyers are focused on their pool purchase and we can accommodate them too. What we’ll do is offer an upgrade if you choose to buy other items while our specials are in stock. We have two upgrade options – pool lights and a solar kit. The pool lights kit costs $550, and we’ll give you kaleidoscope LED lighting plus a 20m cable and 12v trans. We’ll top it off with a HD leaf-stopping cover. If you need multiple kits, we’ll add two valves (3-way and non-return) plus a t section 40mm wide.

Plan B is the $650 solar kit though you’ll need a plumber to connect your pool to the solar collector on your roof. This kit is worth more than $1,000, and it includes a solar blanket, couplings, end caps, a repair kit for leaks, a vacuum break valve, right-angled elbows, a solar collector, solar pipes, and an instruction booklet for your plumber. With all the discounts and savings on offer, it’s a good time to start pool planning, and we’re right here for you.

To get the perfect pool at the perfect price, call Affordable Pools today on (02) 8625 3656.