While your children may have grown and left home, when they start having children of their own it’s the perfect time to buy a pool for your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune; it is possible to buy cheap above ground pools. At one time it was a belief that only *wealthy* people could afford to own a pool and only a few years ago pools were both expensive to install and expensive to keep.

Today production costs are lower and there are far more designs available and pool buyers out there that you can actually buy a cheap above ground pool. Installation costs have come down while the number of people buying pools has increased and for this reason lower and middle income earners are now able to afford their very own pool.


So Why Buy a Pool?

For some it is still a status symbol – they have grown up always dreaming of having their very own pool, from watching TV or envying a friend when growing up. A man’s home is his castle, so why not have a pool? While you may not be able to afford the big mansion being able to add a pool to your backyard and *show off* to the neighbours is satisfaction enough. You do find, strangely enough, people who buy a pool as a status symbol or to have it *just because* often very rarely use it.

Other people just love to entertain, and having a pool adds a new level. Pools or pool parties are a great way to entertain groups of people. Kids can splash around in the pool while the adults can catch up and relax. For some people it’s the whole *social atmosphere* that surrounds having a pool that makes people relax more and want to jump in and have some more fun – just like they did as children.

For baby boomers having a pool in your yard after your children have left home and had families of their own, makes nan and pop’s place cool to visit. Children don’t want to sit around with grown-ups they want to play and in late afternoons and summer – the pool is a perfect place for the kids to let off steam. Not only are nan and pop the coolest grandparents on the planet – the kids have a fun place to go, so visiting nan and pop is no longer *do we have to* it’s *when can we go next*?

Others buy a pool simply for the therapeutic value. For those who work in a highly stressful job, what is more relaxing than coming home and floating around in your very own pool while soaking up some warm summer sun rays?

Of course there are those who buy a pool simply because they just love to swim!