As we have waved goodbye to daylight saving, and summer, we are in winter. You have probably noticed that your above ground pool isn’t being used as often. It’s getting too cold, so the kids *have packed it in*, but even though your pool isn’t being used anymore – and won’t be in use over the winter months, it doesn’t mean you can forget about pool maintenance for winter. If you do, you’ll start spring with a green pool, a lot of *mess* to clean up, and a hefty pool maintenance bill.

Getting your above ground pool ready for winter will take time, but it will be worth it come summer!

Follow these simple steps to keep your pool healthy over winter, so, when summer arrives your pool will be *ready to go*.

  • Give your pool a clean. Remove all the debris from the water, filters, pump basket and skimmer. If you leave anything behind, it can fall to the bottom of the pool and stain it.
  • Make sure all your pool equipment is working – check the pump is working and that there isn’t a build-up on the chlorination cell. Even though you’re heading into cooler weather, you will still need to run the pump, filter, and chlorinator for at least 4 hours each day.
  • Take time to backwash your filter, especially if it contains any contaminants.
  • Still, balance your water. Even with the pool not in use, your pool will stay more efficient when it has water that is properly balanced. While you balance the water to protect from any annoying outbreaks of algae, all your surface equipment will last longer when it’s only dealing with well-balanced water.
  • Even if your pool doesn’t have algae in it, add a phosphate remover as this will remove the algae’s food source, and if there is no food in your pool, algae can’t start growing.
  • Always use an above ground pool cover. If you don’t already have a pool cover, now is an excellent time to get one. A cover protects your pool from evaporation and the elements. Do you want to spend your time in winter out by the pool skimming and vacuuming?
  • Even though it’s autumn/winter, you should always continue your essential above ground swimming pool maintenance. Check your pool waters chemistry every two weeks and adjust where necessary.

Having a pool is a lot of fun. You have invested time and money in your pool, and it isn’t *worth it* just to let your pool *go* over the winter months. You might not want to take care of your pool in winter, but, if you take the time needed and follow the above tips, your pool will be in much better condition when you need it to come spring/summer. Leaving your pool will see the water turn green, you may end up having to drain the water and start again, including cleaning out the pool lining, filters and everything else.

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