We may be nearing the end of fall, but there are still lots of above ground swimming pools for sale. It’s low season, so you can get a good price on them, though if you install them now, you won’t get much use out of them during the winter rains.

That’s not necessarily a problem though. Here at Affordable Pools, we can install one with a secure lid that will keep it in perfect condition until Spring. Plus, we can install it in as little as a day! Our stock of above ground swimming pools includes salt water, chlorine, and commercial pools, so you can order one that suits your tastes, needs, and budgetary limits.

Freshwater Options

We have three main types of chlorinated pools: Cape Cove, Billabong and Space Saver. They can be 1.2m to 1.32m deep and come in varying dimensions. The pools are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel, while the liners are made of heavy duty vinyl.

Our round pool diameters go from 3m to 5.4m, while our oval models can go up to 11.8m long and 4.5m wide. If you just buy the pool, we’ll give you a powder coated metal pool frame, a pool liner, a skimmer box and safety ladder. The complete package gets you an additional sand or cartridge filter, pump, and manual vacuum kit.

Billabong pools have a similar construction to Cape Coves, but lower price ranges, starting at under $2,000 with Sunflow cartridge filters. Cape Coves have plastic ladders and a 20-year warranty, while Billabong ladders are painted metal, and their warranty is 10 years. Our Space saver models are 2.4m to 3m wide and have a maximum length of 9.2m.


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Saltwater Options

While saltwater pools do use chlorine, it’s much less than a freshwater pool since salt is the primary disinfecting agent. Our saltwater pools come in Palm Cove and Space saver ranges. Saltwater Space savers have the same dimensions and specs as freshwater space savers, though the pricing is higher. They require a special salt water chlorinator and extruded posts.

Palm Cove pools have extruded resin posts as well, and they match the size, quality, and warranty of freshwater pools, though they utilise plastic safety ladders and salt water chlorinators. Whichever one of our pools you choose to buy, you can benefit from the specials we’re currently running. They include free leaf covers, discounted pool lighting, coloured pool liners, and solar DIY pool heating kits.

Commercial Options

Our commercial swimming pools are usually much larger than domestic varieties. Due to their size and location, we often build platforms around the pool, giving them the style and appearance of in-ground pools. This is a useful feature for indoor pools because it makes them easier to clean, adds aesthetic value, and prevents accidents.

Your commercial pool can be as large and deep as you want it, and we can make it oval or round, according to your specifications. We use super heavy duty liners to accommodate the enhanced pool size, and the body is made from galvanised powder coated steel. They make a good choice for schools, gyms, or training centres, and can be installed in two or three days including the platform.

For a wide selection of affordable above-ground pools, call Affordable Pools today on (02) 8625 3656.