Pools are a wonderful addition to the back or front yard that can help keep you cool with a dip during the warmer months of the year. If you are looking to purchase a new pool, then you have some important decisions to make. The first decision to look at is what type of pool to buy – and you have three different types here to choose from. They are in ground, above ground, and the semi above ground pool.

You will probably know by now of in ground and above ground pools already, and the semi above ground pool is a bit of a different take on an above ground pool.

Here we outline the key differences between the two.

Surrounds of the pool
This is where the biggest difference between an above ground pool and a semi above ground pool lies. With a regular above ground pool, the pool itself is completely free standing. It will extend over a metre high, just from the ground itself, and it will have a ladder attached so that you can enter the pool easily. A semi above ground pool will be either partially or completely hidden by some other structure. This may be the ground, a deck, or other materials.

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Cost difference
Above ground pools are less expensive overall that semi above ground pools. This is because the landscaping surrounding the semi above ground pool is an additional cost to the pool.

The outer shell
If the pool is surrounded by dirt around the edges (i.e. the ground has been dug out, or sloped up surrounding the pool) then the pool shell may need to be made out of a different shell than an above ground pool. It may need to be sturdier as it will need to be strong enough to without the force of the dirt next to the shell. If the shell is surrounded by space (i.e. it is built into an elevated deck), then there may be no difference between the shell of the semi above ground pool and an above ground pool.

Above ground and semi above ground pools are both far less expensive than in-ground swimming pools. A semi above ground pool is a popular choice for a landscaped look, and a regular above ground pool is a popular choice for the most affordable model on the market.

Whether you’re after an above ground or semi above ground pool, we have what you are looking for at Affordable Pools. We help homeowners to purchase their very own pool for their house at a very cost efficient price. With both chlorinated and salt water models available, there is something for everyone in store with us.