Solar DIY kits for your above ground pool are a great idea, they are so easy to install and you will be so glad you did. Here are just some reasons why a DIY solar kit is perfect your above ground pool:

  • As a pool owner, you already know that having an above ground swimming pool is a great way to keep fit. Swimming is easy on your joints and it uses all the muscles in your body, it can improve flexibility and is wonderful for a cardiovascular workout. Public swimming pools can often be too chlorinated and it can be inconvenient to get to one. A DIY Solar pool heating system means you can swim at home longer throughout the year thanks to much warmer water.
  • Heating your pool means you have use of your pool for longer, rather than just throughout summer and maybe some of spring and autumn, if it’s warm enough a DIY solar water heating kit means you can swim for up to 6 months of the year. As soon as the weather warms up you can be in the pool.
  • Solar DIY kits are great for the environment – solar heating kits are perfect as you are drawing the energy needed that heats your pool directly from the sun.
  • Pools can be expensive to maintain – so why spend money running an electric pool heater when you can run one for free using the sun.
  • When you buy a DIY solar pool heating kit you’ll save a lot of money on installation costs and you won’t need to pay to have someone install the system for you.
  • When you use a DIY kit you not only save money you also add to your own knowledge, the more you know about how your pool heating system works the better prepared you are to maintain the system and what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Depending on where you live in Australia it can be hard actually calling in installers – especially if you live somewhere rather remote, so being able to install the kit yourself saves any worry about getting someone out to install it for you.

How does a DIY solar system work?

It’s a quite simple operation. Water is pumped from your spa or pool through a multi tube solar collector, this is generally mounted on the roof of your house or garage, and then back into the pool. As the water from your above ground pool or spa passes through the solar collector it is warmed by the sun.

Solar water heating kits are easy to install, and are powered by the sun, so there are no ongoing running costs, and they keep your pool warmer for longer.