An above ground pool from Affordable pools is a perfect way to have fun with family and friends, especially during the long, hot Australian summer. Naturally it’s a good idea to *do your homework* first and decide which type of pool is right for you and the needs of your family. Why are above ground pools the perfect choice when it comes to swimming pools?

4 reasons why an above ground pool from Affordable Pools is the right choice for you –

1. Above ground pools are a LOT easier to install! This is one of the biggest benefits to installing an above ground pool in your yard. Unlike in ground pools you don’t need all the manpower and machinery to dig a hole in your yard before the pool can be installed. It takes a lot less time, and a lot less manpower to have an above ground pool installed. If you don’t want to get drawn into a long wait for approvals and work to start – an above ground pool is the perfect alternative.

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2. Above ground pools are more affordable than in ground swimming pools. When you are looking for the pool that’s perfect for your needs there are a few things to consider – #1 is your budget so look at the costs – from start to finish between an in ground and an above ground pool, you’ll find costs will vary and you can probably get the landscaping included and it will still work out cheaper than an in-ground pool. Above ground swimming pools are the cheaper option, most of the costs involved are just for the pool itself, inground pools also include charges for the hole to be dug, manpower and the pool itself.

3. An above ground pool will increase the value of your home. The installation of an above ground pool can increase the value of your property, this is because for those, looking to buy a home with a pool will see your home as a better investment, they won’t have to wait to have a pool installed, and they can start enjoying the pool as soon as summer arrives. When you are having an above ground pool installed try and install it with two things in mind – enjoyment and placement. You want it to look like a part of your yard and not just as a pool sitting right in the middle of the yard. When an above ground pool has been installed properly, with some good landscaping it improves the properties overall appearance and makes your home look more interesting to any potential buyers.

What are the Advantages of An Above Ground Pool

4. Flexibility – While some homeowners want and love having a pool others decide against it. You may be thinking of the future and the prospect of moving home, so why spend thousands of dollars on something you can’t take with you. With an above ground pool, you can pack it up and take it with you. Of course, if you want to leave it behind, it will increase the value of your home, and for a potential buyer who doesn’t want a pool at all, they know it can be easily taken down and removed.