Affordable Pools has super affordable swimming pool choices for our customers – that’s what we are known for! Our chlorine/freshwater pools are our most popular options, they come in 3 different customisable styles that are ready to install in your yard. Big or small, we’ve got you covered when it comes to cheap swimming pools. Check out these three designs that we have available in our chlorine/freshwater range.

Cape York Design

The Cape York is one of our premier pool designs that comes in a 1.32m deep option – and you can choose to add a deep end up to 1.7m to keep you fresher for longer. This model also features a top ledge that’s 18cm wide, very comfortable for leaning. It’s made from galvanised BHP steel for sturdy solid construction, with an outer wall in Sandstone Colorbond. It’s attractive and functional and comes in a vast range of sizes and widths so that you can go with a skinnier pool all the way through to round pool design. Current prices of the Cape York design start at just $2,770 for the pool only package. All Cape York models feature a 20-year warranty so you can be assured of longevity.

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Billabong design

Our Billabong model is a more standard type of above ground swimming pool – you’ve probably seen our style in backyards around the country! The Billabong is super affordable, easy to construct, made again from galvanised BHP steel and still finished in the Sandstone Colorbond colour. Each pool comes with a 4cm top rail with optional 18cm seats on either side of the pool. Again, there are various widths that the Billabong design comes in, from 3m to 4.5m, with varying lengths, as well as round pools too – and they are all 1.32m deep. Prices start at only $1,840 making this pool an extremely affordable choice. With our Billabong pools, you have a 10-year warranty.

Spacesaver design

The ideal choice for smaller backyards, our Spacesaver range ensures that you don’t have to miss out on a swimming pool just because you don’t have a huge backyard. Spacesaver pools come in 1.2m or 1.32m depths, and widths start from just 2.4m – so it can fit into squeezy spaces. The pools feature Sandstone walls, metal frames and heavy duty liners. Pools in our Spacesaver range start at $3,430 and go up from there. This range carries a 20-year warranty for peace of mind.

Flick through our chlorine/saltwater above ground pool collections to get an idea about the size, shape, design, and cost of each. You will be surprised at how affordable our range is! Make sure to get in contact with us for any questions you may have or to get started with installing your very own pool.