Sweltering in our hot summer heat yet again? The allure of the swimming pool is calling. Once only the domain of the wealthy, pools have become a popular addition to many Aussie backyards around the country. If you’re debating about getting yourself the ultimate summer cooler, but don’t know whether to get an above ground or a below ground swimming pool, then read on as we explain the main differences between the two.

Pool equipment setup and replacement

What do we mean when we say pool equipment? No, not your blow up lilo and noodles, we’re talking about things such as your pump, filters, heater, cleaner, and chlorination system. Your general difference between in ground and above ground equipment is that the above ground equipment is, by and large, cheaper. The equipment is usually smaller and less powerful, and so more cost effective – both when you buy it, to run it, and if you need to replace it.


You might have figured out by now that installing an above ground swimming pool may be a lot less difficult to install than a below ground pool. Not only do you save on the cost of excavation services, you can place it anywhere you want – which can include areas where it just isn’t possible to dig. For some above ground pool kits, you’re even able to install it yourself.

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Lifetime of the pool

Most below ground pools are designed to last pretty much forever, as long as they’re maintained well, so we’re talking a 15-40 years lifetime for this sort of pool. On the other hand, above ground pools are not designed to last as long. The average lifespan of an above ground pool will be between 15 to 25 years, as long as they too are maintained.

Overall cost

Above ground pools are definitely a cheaper option when it comes to purchasing your pool. Whereas below ground swimming pool costs can blow out to around $70k, and you are looking at around $40k as a kick off point, above ground pools start at around $2-3k – so they’re a good option if you’re a budget conscious shopper.

Hopefully you’ve got a little bit more of an idea about which pool is a good option for your area and budget. If you’re after an above ground pool that isn’t going to break the bank but is definitely going to be a summer hit, then give us a call today at Affordable Pools.