Unless you’ve owned a swimming pool in the past, you probably don’t know what goes into one – apart from water. As it turns out, the average swimming pools needs a whole host of equipment in order to function, and when you buy from Affordable Pools, we make sure you have every piece you need.

This is crucial, because many times, you will spot above ground swimming pools for sale at ridiculously low prices. You might rush to your wallet or credit card, worried about missing the promotion. But once your cheap purchase arrives, you realise what the catch was – you have a pool, but no pool equipment. So … what exactly does your swimming pool need?

Pool essentials

The most basic accessories are what a pool can’t function without. They are always part of your swimming pool package, so you shouldn’t give them much thought unless you’re buying a used pool or are dealing with a shifty supplier. These include the pool liner – which is what makes it waterproof – and the pool coping, which is the material that coats the surface of the pool. It could be tile, stone, or concrete. There’s also the pool shell, which forms the actual shape of the pool, and is generally concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. Finally, you need a skimmer box to collect leaves or twigs, and a ladder to get in or out of the pool.

Pool covers

Many pool suppliers neglect this handy device, and some homeowners might ignore it too, thinking it hides the beauty of their pool. Covers are essential though. They reduce your maintenance costs by protecting the pool from leaves, debris, or pests, maintaining the water temperature, reducing the number of pool chemicals you need, and lowering your daily labour in pool skimming. Plus, they prevent kids, pets, and outdoor animals like wild rodents and reptiles from accidentally falling into the pool.

Pool filters and pumps

Your filter pump has two main functions. It removes any solid contaminants that might be in the water, emptying them into a skimmer basket or filter sump, and it keeps the water fresh by circulating it in and out of the pool. The filter is attached to a pool pump that should run between 4 and 8 hours every day unless the pool is closed during winter or vacations. Aussie winters aren’t snowy though, so you don’t necessarily have to close the pool unless you’re travelling for a few weeks or months.

Pool lights

Adding the right kind of lighting can turn your poolside experience from mundane to magical. You can install multi-coloured LED fixtures or motion detectors that light up whenever someone approaches. You can set them to go on and off automatically, or link them to your smartphone. Pool lights can be suspended above the water or submerged beneath it, depending on your preference.

Pool cleaners

You can clean your pool by hand, in which case you need a pool brush, skimmer, or pool vacuum, as well as a water testing kit. Option two is to buy a pool robot that automatically moves through the water, cleaning it at pre-set intervals. Some robots can even get in or out of the water without your help, and you can park them by remote.

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