Most people who come across an above ground pool assume since the pool’s entry is not at ground level, safety is guaranteed (or at least, it is less dangerous than other pools). On average, though, the wall height from the ground to the opening is 1.2 metres, requiring a ladder. Often, this has been the reason for most of the above ground pool tragic accidents.

Therefore, prioritising pool safety for your loved ones will ensure your backyard is a secure and relaxing haven for everyone. Here are useful tips for keeping your family and guests safe in your above ground pool.

Why is Above Ground Pool Safety Important?

Although at first glance, above ground pools appear safer, with a lower risk of injury or drowning, that is not the case. The side walls are at least one metre high, too tall for the average-height toddler. However, this height is one of the possible risks associated with these setups.

Serious injury, including death, is a major safety concern for above ground pool owners. As a result, one of the prohibitions that comes with the label is no diving. The design of these pools allows for shallow wading and swimming only.

As a result, jumping, sliding, or diving are dangerous activities that can lead to paralysis or even death. Under no circumstances should you allow your family or guests to do any of these actions. Young children should always be supervised by an adult when using the pool.

Sometimes, kids can access the pool without supervision. When this happens, they risk falling off the ladder when getting in and injuring themselves. Also, these pools do not have a shallow end, and the water can be deep for young children. Attempting to climb out can also be difficult due to the high walls, hence the need to prioritise safety.

Tips for keeping your family and guests safe in your above ground pool

Once you undergo an above ground pool installation in your backyard, observing the below pool safety tips is essential.

1. Signage

Ensure your pool area has the appropriate signage in large print. A clear no-diving sign is mandatory, which usually comes with the pool during installation. If it fades over time, replace it immediately.

2. Supervision

Children and pets should not be allowed in the water unsupervised. Ensure someone is always watching them; if not, close the pool. Additionally, teaching your children how to swim from a young age is key to their safety in the water.

3. Barriers

Gates and doors to the pool area should be self-closing and above reach to prevent children from accessing it alone. Ensure the pool ladders, steps, and handrails are secure whenever you use the pool.

4. Pool Equipment and Accessories

All your above ground pool accessories should have proper instructions. Although pool decks are a lovely addition, ensure the surface is not slippery and drainage is sufficient. Use the recommended pool cover when not in use and ensure it does not collect water. Lighting around your pool is also mandatory, especially when it gets dark, so ensure it is well-lit.


An above ground pool is a great value addition to any home. It creates a fun space to unwind and make memories with your loved ones. However, keeping the area safe is important, so ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. Contact Affordable Pools today for professional installation of secure pools and accessories.

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