Summer – and especially during the Christmas holidays is the perfect time for family get-togethers and parties, and if you have a pool, it gives you the perfect opportunity to have everyone around for a party.

Your above ground pool is probably in good shape but there are a few simple steps to ensure on the day it’s at its best.

Two days before your party use a clarifier to gather together any small particles to make it easier for your filter to remove debris – this ensures there will be no cloudy water to spoil the party, and test the water to ensure the balance is correct.

On the day of your party check the chlorine level in the morning and adjust it if necessary.

After your party restore the waters balance by using a maintenance oxidiser to eliminate any organic build-ups and run the filter overnight. Test the water again the following day and make any corrections to ensure your pool is like new.

How to make the most of your pool during the Christmas holidays…….

  • Host a Christmas Pool party. Pool parties don’t have to be just something you do in summer, so why not show off the rest of your home and host a Christmas pool party in your above ground pool. Imagine how good your pool will look with all those fairy lights reflecting in the water, you can bring your party to life with ornaments, decorations and even a small Christmas tree. Some guests may not want to swap their party outfits for swimmers, but the pool is there if they want to take a dip. It will certainly keep any children amused!
  • Why not go for a Christmas Day swim? Christmas Day is certainly about spending the day with family – overindulging on roast dinners, a BBQ, chocolates, pudding, shortbread and alcohol, but you can feel less guilty about the day ahead by going for an early morning swim. If you take a long and energetic swim, you’ll burn calories so you can enjoy your Christmas Day without feeling too guilty about piling on weight.
  • Start your New Year’s resolutions early. After Christmas, many of us are thinking of making our New Year’s Resolutions – often (just following overindulging at Christmas) this means losing weight or becoming healthier. Well you can kick start those resolutions by making the most of your above ground pool. IF you start to get into the habit of going for a swim every morning before breakfast you can burn 500-600 calories for every hour you swim.

An above ground pool is a great back-drop for parties and a great way to get fit and have fun. From pool parties to keeping your kids fit and amused, enjoy the warmer months and spend time as a family this Christmas in your pool.