Above ground, pools offer a lot of conveniences, which is probably why they’re becoming increasingly popular. You can install them in a smaller space than in-ground pools, and they’re usually cheaper to erect. They have an even depth from end to end, so they make good lap pools. And they’re available in chlorine and salt-water options.

Once you’ve settled on the type of pool you want, start by getting the right pool people. Affordable Pools Australia has been in business since 1986, so with 25 years’ experience in all kinds of pool installation, we definitely fit the bill. And our prices are good too! We deal with all kinds of great value above ground pools, from vinyl to metal lined versions.

As we work with you to put that pool in, there are several steps you need to take. Getting your yard ready for a refreshing splash takes some effort. You can do it on your own, or you can call us in to help. We’ll be glad to do it, and if you call us early enough in the week, we can make a special weekend appointment for your installation.

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An above ground pool needs a solid, steady surface. Otherwise, it can sink and cause a lot of damage. So as you choose your site, don’t just rush to that spot you can see from your kitchen window. We know this is a primary decider if you have kids, but ground stability trumps ease of supervision.

Find an area that is naturally level, since this will give you less preparation time. The space should be far away from septic tanks, power lines, and water lines to avoid leakage and accidents. Local regulations can advise you on mandatory distance, so check them carefully.

It might be hard just by looking to see if you have enough space for the kind of pool you want. You need three things to confirm sizing: a sharp stick, some string, and a can of spray paint. Go to the ‘centre’ of the pool, dig in the sharp stick, and tie a string around it.

How To Prepare Your Yard For Your Above Ground Pool

Tie the spray can to the other end of the stick. Now walk around the intended edge of the pool, using the spray can to map it out. This will help you see how it stretches all around, and whether the boundaries affect any water pipes of obstructions. The edge should be 6 inches wider than the planned dimensions of the pool.

Remove all vegetation and stones from the space inside your spray can perimeter. Flatten the base of the pool by digging out raised areas so that they match lower areas. To make sure it’s level, use a flat wood plank pivoted with a nail or metal stake and spin it around the area on the pool. Use a carpenter’s level tool to ensure the wood is lying flat.

Once you have a flat area, fill it with limestone 1 or 2 inches deep. Use the wood to flatten the limestone, then remove it and fill the wood space with limestone as well. Check the whole base to make sure it’s completely flat and level. Your pool area is now ready for installation.

If you’d like more advice about pool installation, or if you want to make an appointment with us, call (02) 8625 3656 today.