When creating a backyard retreat in the comfort of your own home, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the right location for your swimming pool. By placing your pool in the perfect spot, you can not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your backyard but also ensure privacy, safety and overall enjoyment. Here are the 5 key factors that you should consider when picking out a location to install your pool.

1. Sun Exposure

A significant factor to consider when picking a pool placement is sun exposure. Generally, pools are best installed in locations that receive enough sunlight throughout the day and across each season. This ensures that the water stays comfortably warm for an enjoyable swimming experience. Moreover, pay attention to any potential shading from nearby trees and structures as this can potentially impact the amount of sunlight as well as debris that falls into the water.

2. Privacy Considerations

Privacy is a crucial part of creating a comfortable and enjoyable pool environment. Assess the visibility of your swimming pool from neighbours’ homes and any surrounding public areas. Installing your pool in a strategic location to minimise direct lines of sight can go a long way in helping to create your own private oasis. Consider incorporating extra landscaping elements such as tall plants, shrubs, or fencing to further enhance privacy.

3. Terrain Conditions

The terrain and soil conditions of your backyard will play a large role in determining whether you can install a pool in a particular location. A level surface is ideal for installation, as it minimises the need for extensive excavation and foundation work. We also recommend avoiding any low-lying areas as they can be prone to flooding or poor drainage. This will prevent water accumulation around your pool area and maintain a clean and safe environment.

4. Accessibility

The distance between your pool and indoor living spaces is an important practical consideration. Installing the pool closer to your house can make it easier to enter or carry things between your pool and home. In doing so, you’ll be able to create a convenient and practical outdoor space that is able to be enjoyed to its fullest potential. This is especially important if you’re someone who enjoys a dip every day or have some guests over.

5. Local Building Regulations

Perhaps the most important factor to consider before installing your swimming pool is abiding by council regulations and zoning restrictions. In New South Wales, every new pool construction requires either a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or a Development Application (DA).

At Affordable Pools, we recommend applying for a CDC, given that most residential pools are eligible, and the process is faster than getting a DA. If you are eligible, our friendly team can even assist you with the approval process. In addition, it’s also important to be aware of specific guidelines regarding setback requirements, safety fencing and other considerations that can affect where your pool can be installed.

Professional Pool Installation

Choosing the best location for your pool is a crucial step in creating a backyard oasis that you’ll love. However, if you’re still feeling a bit unsure as to the optimal placement in your home, don’t worry! At Affordable Pools, we’ve been specialising in above-ground and semi-inground pools since 1986. As part of our fast and friendly services, we can connect you with reputable installers in your area when your pool is built and ready to be placed. These professionals will undersee the final stages of the process and ensure that the pool is installed in the ideal location. Get in touch with us today.

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