If you’re looking for the kind of swimming pool that will stand out, consider getting a Palm Cove pool. It follows the increasingly popular trend of salt water pools. Salt water pools don’t necessarily have no chlorine, but salt is their primary sanitizer, with just a small amount of chlorine.

Salt water pools are environmentally friendly pool set-ups. They are also more comfortable to swim in. Have you noticed that you get more tired swimming in a pool or lake than you do in the ocean? You might have thought it was because of distance, size, or depth. But it’s more a matter of density. Ocean water is denser, which makes you more buoyant.

Similarly, you can enjoy a more leisurely swim in a salt water pool than you would in a regular chlorine pool. Our Palm Cove model is one of our best-selling, surprisingly cheap, swimming pools. It comes in two options. You can just buy the pool on its own, or you can buy the full package, which includes additional tools and features.

The Palm Cove pool is 4 feet 4 inches deep (1.32 metres), and its sizes range from 2.4 metres to over 15 metres. You can select a round pool or an oval one, depending on your style. Round pools occupy more space, but they’re smaller. Their maximum diameter is 5.4 metres.

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Some of the things our clients love about the Palm Cove pool include its stylish look and top quality components. The pool parts are made out of resin and stainless steel, with additional reinforcement for extra stability. Like all our products here at Affordable Pools, the Palm Cove comes with a 20-year warranty.

Above ground swimming pools are easy to install, so you can choose to set it up yourself, or you can call our professional pool crew to install it for you. It comes with a sandstone-coloured wall coated in PHP colourbond paint, and it also has vertical resin posts and rails that are fully extruded. The pool has a deck ladder made of smooth, moulded plastic.

The resin copings at the top of the pool are 180mm wide, and the pool liner consists of heavy-duty premium materials that are tough to pierce. The pool design also includes a large skimmer box to collect leaves and fallen debris.

If you choose to buy the complete Palm Cove package, you will get a manual vacuum kit that contains a vacuum head, a test kit, a left scoop, and a CPR chart for guidance in case of emergencies. The package also has sand or cartridge filter, as well as a pump and a salt water chlorinator. If you just buy the pool, you can source the other components separately.

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