Take Your Pool to the Luxe Level with These 5 Ideas

Summer is the best time to take the plunge and cool off in your backyard swimming pool. You can have fun with your family or invite your friends to a party. For the best experience, use the following ideas to take your above ground pools to a luxe level.


Poolside Seating Area

Whether it’s simple decking or a top-of-the-range cabana, a shaded seating area allows you to enjoy summer’s ambience as you wait to swim. Such spaces bring the indoors outside.

You can add a firepit, a poolside bar, and some furniture for year-round luxury. The seating area can be useful for hosting parties and other gatherings.


Outdoor Kitchen

In the past, outdoor kitchens and swimming pools were different entities. Modern luxury trends encourage homeowners to join these to form one outdoor entertainment hub. It makes sense, as you can dine, swim, drink, and socialise in one place.

If you have limited outdoor space, you can install the kitchen at the pool’s shallow and narrower end to create a spa-like environment. This way, you use space optimally and can dine with your feet in the water for ultimate relaxation.


Bluetooth Speakers

A pool party is missing a key element without music. Besides partying, relaxing tunes can also set the atmosphere for a tranquil afternoon at the pool. Adding music isn’t a hassle, as you only need a Bluetooth speaker.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are inexpensive, so you won’t spend a lot of money to bring entertainment to your backyard oasis. You can connect the speakers to your smartphone or computer and start enjoying music. Since they have mounted controls, you don’t have to get out of the water to skip to your favourite track.


Pool Games and Activities

Swimming isn’t the only way to keep active by the pool. You can engage in several games and activities like pool, volleyball, basketball, paddle sets, and more. Games keep you busy and allow you to interact with family and friends, offering an alternative to swimming. 

If you aren’t a fan of games, you can make a swim-in-place, also called a swim spa. Swim-in-places are good for swimming, aquatic therapy, and water workouts. They’re ideal for small spaces, indoors and outdoors. Water workouts are as effective as regular exercise but have less impact on joints and muscles due to water’s soothing effect.


Poolside Gardens

Growing plants by the pool is a dilemma – they add ambience but can create an unsightly mess by shedding leaves and flower petals. However, you can avoid these problems by growing succulents like agave, aloe, and yucca that require little maintenance and rarely shed debris.

For a tropical poolside, plant cycads and small palms. Hardy cacti like echinocactus and opuntia add a unique look to the swimming pool area but plant them a bit farther because they’re thorny.


Wrapping Up

A swimming pool is nice, but you can make it classy and luxurious by adding plants, pool games, outdoor kitchens, and a seating area.

If you’re interested in owning a luxurious pool at a pocket-friendly price, contact Affordable Pools today. We specialise in all pool types and accessories and offer maintenance services.


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