Everything About Space Saver Pools

Blocks of land are getting smaller and smaller, as developers try and get as many new homes onto a parcel of land that they can. This means the days of the big backyard pool – for many in new homes – is a dream that just won’t happen. The good news is – if you don’t HAVE a lot of space there are pools out there for you. Finally, thanks to above ground pools you can still have a swimming pool.

For many people, above ground pools were the only source of *entertainment* – of summers spent splashing around with friends and family. Thankfully above ground pools – especially the smaller space saver pools are making a comeback. Thanks to advances in designs, above ground space saver pools are more innovative, cost effective and convenient than ever before.

Above ground space saver pools can be installed directly on top of the ground, and combined with clever decking and landscaping you can create a resort-style pool at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fiberglass or concrete pool and above ground space saver pools can be installed in just days rather than weeks.

Space saver pools are more adaptable for small spaces compared to inground pools. If you have a strange shaped yard or limited space, consider an above ground space saver pool. It doesn’t matter if your yard is big, small, narrow, wide or sloping there is an above ground pool suitable for any yard.

There are two main styles of pools in the above ground pool market – narrow or small pools and resin pools. Thanks to the increase in salt chlorinators the above ground pool market had to adapt and change to accommodate salt water pools. This has led to the rise in resin pools – this reduces the chances of corrosion and rust in comparison to the older style steel pools.

Thanks to the higher levels of plastic in above ground pools resin pools don’t rust or oxidise, they don’t have the erosion problems seen in older steel post pools which means the space saver pools of today last longer.

Space saver pools have fewer parts and just clip together which makes them perfect for anyone renting, or for young families as space saver pools are easy to remove from the back yard as children grow older and have less use for a pool.

As backyards continue to get smaller there is a trend towards the space saver style above ground pools – people don’t want a huge pool taking up the whole yard, space saver pools are the perfect way to have the convenience of a pool without losing all your space.

Getting The Most from Your Pool at Christmas

Summer – and especially during the Christmas holidays is the perfect time for family get-togethers and parties, and if you have a pool, it gives you the perfect opportunity to have everyone around for a party.

Your above ground pool is probably in good shape but there are a few simple steps to ensure on the day it’s at its best.

Two days before your party use a clarifier to gather together any small particles to make it easier for your filter to remove debris – this ensures there will be no cloudy water to spoil the party, and test the water to ensure the balance is correct.

On the day of your party check the chlorine level in the morning and adjust it if necessary.

After your party restore the waters balance by using a maintenance oxidiser to eliminate any organic build-ups and run the filter overnight. Test the water again the following day and make any corrections to ensure your pool is like new.

How to make the most of your pool during the Christmas holidays…….

  • Host a Christmas Pool party. Pool parties don’t have to be just something you do in summer, so why not show off the rest of your home and host a Christmas pool party in your above ground pool. Imagine how good your pool will look with all those fairy lights reflecting in the water, you can bring your party to life with ornaments, decorations and even a small Christmas tree. Some guests may not want to swap their party outfits for swimmers, but the pool is there if they want to take a dip. It will certainly keep any children amused!
  • Why not go for a Christmas Day swim? Christmas Day is certainly about spending the day with family – overindulging on roast dinners, a BBQ, chocolates, pudding, shortbread and alcohol, but you can feel less guilty about the day ahead by going for an early morning swim. If you take a long and energetic swim, you’ll burn calories so you can enjoy your Christmas Day without feeling too guilty about piling on weight.
  • Start your New Year’s resolutions early. After Christmas, many of us are thinking of making our New Year’s Resolutions – often (just following overindulging at Christmas) this means losing weight or becoming healthier. Well you can kick start those resolutions by making the most of your above ground pool. IF you start to get into the habit of going for a swim every morning before breakfast you can burn 500-600 calories for every hour you swim.

An above ground pool is a great back-drop for parties and a great way to get fit and have fun. From pool parties to keeping your kids fit and amused, enjoy the warmer months and spend time as a family this Christmas in your pool.

Why Solar DIY kits are A Great Idea

Solar DIY kits for your above ground pool are a great idea, they are so easy to install and you will be so glad you did. Here are just some reasons why a DIY solar kit is perfect your above ground pool:

  • As a pool owner, you already know that having an above ground swimming pool is a great way to keep fit. Swimming is easy on your joints and it uses all the muscles in your body, it can improve flexibility and is wonderful for a cardiovascular workout. Public swimming pools can often be too chlorinated and it can be inconvenient to get to one. A DIY Solar pool heating system means you can swim at home longer throughout the year thanks to much warmer water.
  • Heating your pool means you have use of your pool for longer, rather than just throughout summer and maybe some of spring and autumn, if it’s warm enough a DIY solar water heating kit means you can swim for up to 6 months of the year. As soon as the weather warms up you can be in the pool.
  • Solar DIY kits are great for the environment – solar heating kits are perfect as you are drawing the energy needed that heats your pool directly from the sun.
  • Pools can be expensive to maintain – so why spend money running an electric pool heater when you can run one for free using the sun.
  • When you buy a DIY solar pool heating kit you’ll save a lot of money on installation costs and you won’t need to pay to have someone install the system for you.
  • When you use a DIY kit you not only save money you also add to your own knowledge, the more you know about how your pool heating system works the better prepared you are to maintain the system and what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Depending on where you live in Australia it can be hard actually calling in installers – especially if you live somewhere rather remote, so being able to install the kit yourself saves any worry about getting someone out to install it for you.

How does a DIY solar system work?

It’s a quite simple operation. Water is pumped from your spa or pool through a multi tube solar collector, this is generally mounted on the roof of your house or garage, and then back into the pool. As the water from your above ground pool or spa passes through the solar collector it is warmed by the sun.

Solar water heating kits are easy to install, and are powered by the sun, so there are no ongoing running costs, and they keep your pool warmer for longer.

Why baby-boomers should buy a pool


While your children may have grown and left home, when they start having children of their own it’s the perfect time to buy a pool for your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune; it is possible to buy cheap above ground pools. At one time it was a belief that only *wealthy* people could afford to own a pool and only a few years ago pools were both expensive to install and expensive to keep.

Today production costs are lower and there are far more designs available and pool buyers out there that you can actually buy a cheap above ground pool. Installation costs have come down while the number of people buying pools has increased and for this reason lower and middle income earners are now able to afford their very own pool.


So Why Buy a Pool?

For some it is still a status symbol – they have grown up always dreaming of having their very own pool, from watching TV or envying a friend when growing up. A man’s home is his castle, so why not have a pool? While you may not be able to afford the big mansion being able to add a pool to your backyard and *show off* to the neighbours is satisfaction enough. You do find, strangely enough, people who buy a pool as a status symbol or to have it *just because* often very rarely use it.

Other people just love to entertain, and having a pool adds a new level. Pools or pool parties are a great way to entertain groups of people. Kids can splash around in the pool while the adults can catch up and relax. For some people it’s the whole *social atmosphere* that surrounds having a pool that makes people relax more and want to jump in and have some more fun – just like they did as children.

For baby boomers having a pool in your yard after your children have left home and had families of their own, makes nan and pop’s place cool to visit. Children don’t want to sit around with grown-ups they want to play and in late afternoons and summer – the pool is a perfect place for the kids to let off steam. Not only are nan and pop the coolest grandparents on the planet – the kids have a fun place to go, so visiting nan and pop is no longer *do we have to* it’s *when can we go next*?

Others buy a pool simply for the therapeutic value. For those who work in a highly stressful job, what is more relaxing than coming home and floating around in your very own pool while soaking up some warm summer sun rays?

Of course there are those who buy a pool simply because they just love to swim!



Pool time equals family-fun time

Unfortunately for many families, it is an incredibly busy world, with many just not getting to see their children as often as they would like, and spending quality time together can be nearly impossible. The great news is, with summer fast approaching if you have a pool in your backyard it is possible to relax, have fun and spend time together as a family once again. With the days getting longer and warmer, who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing swim after a long day at work or at school.


Today there are so many fun pool accessories to buy that allow you and your family to spend even more time in the pool having fun and playing games. Swimming is great, it’s a healthy activity, but sometimes you want to do more than just swim in a pool….. Why just swim in when there are so many other activities you can do – right in your own backyard pool!


There are of course many pool accessories that are quite *common* – the good staples like goggles and swim masks, snorkels and flippers, floating water tubes, floating lounges and even pool noodles. Pretty much every pool in the country has one or some of these floating around in the pool. If you have never used any of these items before – or you’ve only just got your pool put in, you might want to consider looking into some of these items and trying them out with your family.


There are also some swimming pool accessories for your above ground pool that are less common. There are some pool games you can buy they aren’t very common but your family will have a LOT of fun playing with them. If you have pets who want to join in and enjoy swimming you can get little swim vests (floaties) for them and for those who have difficulty getting out of an above ground pool you can actually buy ramps they can use to walk out. Ramps are perfect too for larger dripping wet dogs that are quite heavy to lift!


If you find you have a lot of noodles you can get a noodle organiser, it’s a simple round or square shaped bin that will hold all your noodles upright and if you have a lot of children and a lot of noodles – it’s a great accessory to add when you are setting up your pool. If you have children who love to dive and spend time underwater but they end up suffering from burning or stinging eyes thanks to the chlorine, goggles are great for them to have. This way they can see underwater, enjoy their time in the pool, and not have to pay for it by having sore eyes later.