The right filter and pump for your pool

An above ground swimming pool is a great addition to any home, it not only adds value to your home it’s a place where friends and family can hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Having a swimming pool doesn’t end with filling it with water, it is an investment and like any investment it needs to be maintained. One of the most important parts of your above ground swimming pool is the pool pump that keeps the water crystal clear and clean. The pool pump and filter circulates and filters the water to keep it moving and to keep it clean, a stagnant pool can promote the growth of algae which in turn will make your water green and sets up the perfect home for mosquitoes and other bugs to flourish.
Pool pumps and filters vary in size and power, so choosing the right pump and filter for your above ground pool can make a huge difference to your energy consumption and power bills. So, how do you choose the right pump and filter for your pool?

● The size of the pool determines how many litres of water it will hold, knowing this allows you to calculate the pools *flow rate* this is how much water can be moved within a specific time. The average pool needs to circulate the equivalent of all the water in the pool about every 4-6 hours at least once or twice a day.

● Power is also a deciding factor – while you want as much power from your pump as possible a pump that is too powerful can do more harm than good as it can prevent proper filtration from occurring. A pump that is too powerful can even damage your pools filter and heater and if too powerful it can even blow pipes and fittings apart.

● Size of the pump – if you choose a pump that is too large it can result in damage to the plumbing and equipment and can result in cavitation that can damage the pump itself. Cavitation is the formation of bubbles in the water near the impeller as the bubbles pop, shock waves are created within the pump, that not only make a noise but they can pop with enough force to damage the impeller and other pump parts. An over-sized pump can also cause excessive flow which can erode the systems piping

● The features of the pump and filter you choose must also match the features of the pool, horsepower and head flow of the pump are two important factors to consider. Always buy a pump with the right horsepower. A pump with average horsepower is great for a standard pool, small sized pools don’t need pumps with high horsepower. A pump with average horsepower will also save on your energy costs.

Cape York pool package

In summer, there is nothing Australian’s love more is than to head to the beach, or to spend long lazy hours at home in their own above ground swimming pool. Adding an above ground swimming pool to your home isn’t just an investment, it also adds a focal point for your family to enjoy spending time together, having fun and exercising.
An above ground pool is so affordable, you’ll wonder why you never got one sooner! Above ground pools are a fraction of the cost of an inground swimming pool and they do the same thing – provide fun and exercise and keep you cool in summer.
Above ground pools are the perfect choice –
● With an inground pool it’s easier for dirt, leaves, grass etc. to blow into the pool, it can be hard work keeping your pool clean especially when it’s windy. With an above ground pool it is above ground level so it’s harder for dirt and debris to enter the pool.
● Above ground pools are easier to cover with a pool cover than in ground pools are
● With an in ground pool small animals can easily fall in – from your pets to rodents
● Leaks are easier to fix in above ground pools
● Above ground pools are much safer for children, with inground pools it’s easy for small children and babies to fall into/crawl into the water, it’s a lot harder to get into an above ground pool when you remove the ladder
● Above ground pools are easier to install, in fact you can do it yourself. You can go from no pool to swimming in a few hours, rather than waiting weeks.
● You can choose above ground pools in different shapes and sizes according to your needs.
● The cost of heating an above ground pool is cheaper.

Prof Our Pool Chris Flea 8

The Cape York Pool package comes with an optional standard or profiled deep end and now comes with resin top copings and braceless. The extra depth a Cape York pool gives you is perfect for a growing family with a depth of 1.32m or the deep end option that gives you a depth of 1.70m – you now have all the features of an inground pool without the price tag.

The Cape York range comes in 2 shapes – round and oval starting from 3m X 1.32m to 5.40m X 1.32 for a round pool or the wide pools starting from 3.0m wide to 4.5m wide, there is a pool size and shape to fit any yard.

Your complete Cape York package includes:
● BHP Colourbond wall in Sandstone
● Premium Heavy Duty liner
● Powder-coated Primrose Cream metal frame with 180mm heavy duty resin top seats.
● Large skimmer box
● Plastic moulded deck ladder
● Pump
● Choice of either a sand or cartridge filter
● Full manual Vacuum kit with leaf scoop, vacuum head, water test kit and CPR chart

Why Saltwater Pools Are So Popular

When faced with the decision of what sort of pool to get, you have a couple of different options to choose from. One of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make when getting a pool is whether to get a regular chlorinated pool or a saltwater pool.

But do you know just why saltwater pools are so popular? You’ve probably heard friends or family talking about how they happily made the decision to go with a saltwater swimming pool and wondered what the difference was. Find out why everyone’s talking about the benefits of saltwater.

Salt Lap

Easier to maintain than a regular chlorinated pool

Pools can require a lot of maintenance, which is why some households choose to go without. They can require almost daily attention, so if you don’t have the patience for chores they may not be for you. However, did you know that saltwater pools require less maintenance than a regular, chlorinated pool? That’s right. Because with a chlorinated pool you need to add chlorine to your pool regularly, this takes up extra time.

Since saltwater actually produces chlorine itself, you can happily skip the adding chlorine step. You’ll still have to keep your eye on the chlorine levels, however it’s a lot less time consuming.

Can be easier on the eyes and skin for those that are chlorine sensitive

Do you or your family get sensitive to chlorine when you go to the public swimming pool or around to friends’ houses for a swim? You’ll be able to tell by the red eyes or itchy skin whether you are sensitive to chlorine. With a saltwater pool, you will experience less irritation than a regular chlorinated pool. This also means that you’ll be able to stay in the water for longer, too.

No extra chemicals to add to your pool

It’s safe to say that none of us like to actually handle chemicals. They’re dangerous and you know that they are not good for you. So, avoiding having to handle chlorine is a great added bonus of getting a saltwater pool installed. Not only this, you can save on the ongoing cost of chlorinating your swimming pool over the years. This represents true savings on the ongoing cost of running a swimming pool.

Affordable Pools have a range of cheap above ground swimming pools available in both regular chlorinated or saltwater versions to give you the pool that you have always dreamed of. Because cheap above ground pools are so affordable, it means that everybody can get in on the action. Check through our range to see which above ground pool for sale will be the perfect one for your family.

What Age Should Your Kids Be for You To Get A Pool?

When we become parents for the first time it is a really shocking experience. Here we are, given this small human life, and trusted with the responsibility to make sure that they grow up okay and that we keep them safe. It can be a very tough time trying to decide what’s the right parenting decision and what’s the wrong one. And nothing is ever clear cut!

That’s why the decision of when to get an above ground pool is such an important one. You may like to seek advice from family and friends on your parenting decisions, but when to get a pool is really a tricky one.

We are all very concerned with children’s safety around pools. The good news is that in Australia, pool safety laws are fairly strict, regarding fencing and gates and latches. This in effect means that it is extremely difficult for children to get into trouble around pools if they are being supervised effectively.

And as a parent, this is what you should always be doing – supervising effectively. This is important to remember and easy to put into practice once you get the hang of it.

So, back to the question at hand – when should you get a pool? It can be tempting to want to hold off getting a pool until your children are already confident in the water. As a parent, it is reassuring to know that your kids are able to pretty much fend for themselves in the water.

However, this is a little bit of a double edged sword. To get more confident in the water your kids need more practice in the water. Which means being around and in the water more.

In fact, parents are now taking their children to swimming lessons from the age of just a few weeks old. The earlier off that you start your kids in the water, the more comfortable they become more quickly in the water.

It is for this reason that we recommend getting a swimming pool either before you have children or as soon as possible after. Positive water interactions and proper pool safety taught from an early age will ensure that your child remains a strong swimmer and confident in the water. With the correct supervision and safety measure in place you can be assured of your child’s safety while in the pool.

Choose Affordable Pools for above ground swimming pools Australia. No matter what age your kids are, they can benefit from having their very own above ground pool in the backyard of their very own home. Water safety and awareness starts at home so get your kids started early. In a land surrounded by sea water confidence is of the utmost importance.