Key Differences Between an Above Ground and a Semi Above Ground Pool

Pools are a wonderful addition to the back or front yard that can help keep you cool with a dip during the warmer months of the year. If you are looking to purchase a new pool, then you have some important decisions to make. The first decision to look at is what type of pool to buy – and you have three different types here to choose from. They are in ground, above ground, and the semi above ground pool.

You will probably know by now of in ground and above ground pools already, and the semi above ground pool is a bit of a different take on an above ground pool.

Here we outline the key differences between the two.

Surrounds of the pool
This is where the biggest difference between an above ground pool and a semi above ground pool lies. With a regular above ground pool, the pool itself is completely free standing. It will extend over a metre high, just from the ground itself, and it will have a ladder attached so that you can enter the pool easily. A semi above ground pool will be either partially or completely hidden by some other structure. This may be the ground, a deck, or other materials.

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Cost difference
Above ground pools are less expensive overall that semi above ground pools. This is because the landscaping surrounding the semi above ground pool is an additional cost to the pool.

The outer shell
If the pool is surrounded by dirt around the edges (i.e. the ground has been dug out, or sloped up surrounding the pool) then the pool shell may need to be made out of a different shell than an above ground pool. It may need to be sturdier as it will need to be strong enough to without the force of the dirt next to the shell. If the shell is surrounded by space (i.e. it is built into an elevated deck), then there may be no difference between the shell of the semi above ground pool and an above ground pool.

Above ground and semi above ground pools are both far less expensive than in-ground swimming pools. A semi above ground pool is a popular choice for a landscaped look, and a regular above ground pool is a popular choice for the most affordable model on the market.

Whether you’re after an above ground or semi above ground pool, we have what you are looking for at Affordable Pools. We help homeowners to purchase their very own pool for their house at a very cost efficient price. With both chlorinated and salt water models available, there is something for everyone in store with us.

How long should an above ground pool installation take?

There is no doubt about it, there is NOTHING like spending summer by (or in) the pool. It doesn’t matter whether you live by the beach or somewhere *inland* having a pool provides a range of advantages –

  • It’s a safe place for you and your family to relax
  • It increases the amount of time you spend outside
  • It increases your levels of fitness
  • It increases the value of your home

For families a pool helps alleviate summer holiday boredom and gives your children a safe place to play and have fun, if you can’t get to the beach you can still enjoy the fun of water and sun, right in your own backyard – you also avoid all those crowds!

People choose to build an above ground pool because they are fast to install, affordable and easy to maintain. Above ground pools are every bit as safe and fun as an in-ground pool. Depending on your yard, and your installer you can have your pool up and running anywhere from 24-72 hours later. Above ground pools are also easy to remove.

With the days getting longer and the weather warming up, spending time around the pool is one thing the whole family will love to do – don’t let another summer pass without a pool.

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Above ground pools are an excellent alternative to an in-ground pool, most above ground pool kits come with their own assembly and installation instructions for those who want to install the pool themselves. If you have enough help and you prepare sufficiently it can take less than a day to install some above ground pools.

If you would prefer, your pool supplier will be able to arrange installation of the new pool for you.

Prepare the ground – in most cases you will need to prepare the ground under your pool. This could include removing sod, levelling the soil and installing a foundation of sand. This procedure alone can take several hours depending on the location of your pool.

Assembling the frame – the pool’s frame needs a solid foundation to sit on. This foundation can be pavers, patio stones etc – as long as they are embedded flush into the ground. While this is being done, have others start assembling the frame. With enough help this should take a few more hours.

Installing the liner – this is the most delicate part of the installation, take care not to rip or tear the liner. The liner should be carefully examined for any damage.

Considerations – if you have only one or two people helping plan on making it a weekend to install the pool. Before filling your pool, your fencing should be in place, if not wait till your fencing is erected before filling the pool.

Why above ground pools are still so popular

Above ground pools are the perfect option for homeowners who want a swimming pool but aren’t ready for the expense (and work) of putting in an in-ground swimming pool. Many of us growing up had the 3-foot-deep above ground pool in the backyard, as adults, we want the same for our children. For this reason, there are still a lot of benefits to owning an above ground pool.

The main reason above ground pools are still so fashionable is because they are so affordable. They are less expensive to buy and install than an in-ground pool. They are also perfect for the homeowner who isn’t sure he or she wants to commit long-term to an in-ground pool, or perhaps they just feel that where they are living isn’t going to be for long. If you are unsure if the kids will use the pool, how long you’ll be living there, and finances are a concern an above ground pool makes terrific sense.

Above ground pools are considered as temporary structures, but you will still need council approval – including a fence, this is a necessary added expense for the safety of your family and any visitors. Don’t forget most above ground pools can be taken down and moved to your next home. All you need is a new liner, and your pool can be quickly re-installed.

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Parents of young children (babies in particular) like above ground pools as they need to be climbed into, it’s not something a baby can crawl and fall into, these styles of a pool are not easily accessible for young children. For those with young children an in-ground pool is at a level that is dangerous, it will require close supervision, and children think they can just lean over to retrieve a wayward ball, with an above ground pool they need an adult to help.

If your backyard isn’t level, again above ground pools are a perfect choice. It can be both expensive and difficult to install an in-ground pool in a yard that has an uneven surface; an above ground pool just needs the uneven patches levelled, and away you go!

With summer fast approaching, if you are dreaming of relaxing in your very own swimming pool – an above ground pool is the answer to your prayers. In-ground pools can take months from approval to installation, with above ground pools once you have approval, the pool can be set up in no time.

As above ground pools continue becoming more popular manufacturers are coming up with new trends and ideas for above ground pools and their accessories – you’ll easily find the pool that’s just perfect for you and your family.