New Design Top Quality

Exciting new range of saltwater lap pools 2.4m & 3.0m wide.
Plus new deep end options

Our unique design includes modern attractive resin copings ribbed and flat on the top designed for safety and resin upright supports to give your pool the look that only comes with quality.

Included in the above pool models 

  • Sand or Cartridge Filtration
  • Heavy Duty Liner
  • Vinyl Ladder
  • Salt Chlorinator
  • Skimmer Box
    Manual Vacuum Cleaning Kit

Sand filter capacity: 17″ 70kg sand, 21″ 85kg sand, 25″ 140kg sand
we do not use over the wall salt chlorinators on our pools. all our chlorinators, filters and pumps are top quality & oversized to minimise running costs and avoid unnecessary strain on equipment.

Note: We can build special size commercial saltwater pools. Call for an estimate.

Upgrade/Bonus options

  • Pack 1– extra $750 (normally around $1,200 now)
    Auto pool cleaner, pool light and transformer and leaf stop pool cover or solar blanket.Pack 2 – extra $190 (normally around $1,000 now).
    Standard deep end.

    Pack 3 – extra $390 (valued at over $1,000).
    Profiled deep end.

    Pack 4extra $690.
    In-pool Wedding Cake Steps in lieu of standard ladder.



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