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High rate Sand Filters

fr. $325

The Leisure Time and Onga Series feature a balanced flow design which ensures even water distribution over the entire filter bed. The filtered water is then collected via a unique underdrain system and passed via the multi-port valve back to the pool. The filter tank is an integrated one piece moulding, constructed from high impact, UV resistant polyethylene, totally corrosion resistant to suit both fresh and saltwater conditions having a 10 year warranty, being designed to provide many years of trouble free operation. Includes – one piece filter tank, barrel unions, sight glass and multi-port valve.

Available sand filters

Emaux 18″ – 40kg sand capacity – Onga 20″ – Model: LSF20 – 60kg sand capacity – Onga 24″ – Model: LSF24 – max flow rate of 250 litres per minute, 860mm high, 600mm diameter,100kg sand capacity – Emaux 25″ – Fibreglass, max flow rate of 300 litres per minute, 140kg sand capacity –

Pool Accessories
One piece filter tank - Barrel unions - Sight glass -Multi-port valve
Onga & Emaux
10 years

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