What’s standing between you and your brand new swimming pool? In a home set-up, you may be worried you don’t have enough space, or that it’ll cost too much. If your set-up is commercial, space might still be a problem, but budget may be a bigger concern. Will the returns from a commercial swimming pool justify the costs involved? Well, let’s start by putting your mind at ease. When you work with Affordable Pools, you’re getting a family business that buys Australia and builds Australia, just like we’ve done for 30 years.

Second, our family foundation doesn’t compromise quality. If anything, you get friendly, personable service with the excellence built over three decades. We’ve installed pools for professionals all over the nation, and our delivery service reaches wherever you are in Australia. As for cost, we have budget-friendly pricing models with no deposit and no interest, so even as you pay your premiums, you can monitor your ROI. Our pool selection includes above or in-ground, salt-water or chlorine, and even freshwater pools.

Customised and commercial

Cheap swimming pools can still be beautiful, and they deeply add to your business. Well-designed pools are eye-catching, and they look just as good in your catalogue as they do in your yard. If someone is online browsing for a restaurant or conference centre, having outstanding above ground swimming pools in Australia is a helpful selling point. Our commercial pools are all tailor-made for your business so that you can get a specified size and depth. We use the same materials in our domestic Palm Cove and Cape York pools.

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But because we know your pool is a business asset and is likely to get more traffic than a home pool, we use heavy duty pool lining, and we give you broader scope for depth and length. In general, your pool can be above-ground, in-ground, or between. We can work with you to get the look and feel you desire. For example, indoor above-ground pools can be accessorised with wooden decking, giving it the appearance of an in-ground pool.

Special pool features

The beauty of customisation is you can really put your mark on it. We can design round or oval pools, as well as lap pools and regular rectangular options. If your pool gets damaged, we have high-quality spare parts. You can even add a conservational element to your pool, via salt-water cartridges and solar heating kits. The frames of Affordable Pools units comprise Bluescope steel that’s galvanised to make it rust-resistant.

We prefer cream pool copings, made with ultraviolet protection and covered on their undersides as a deterrent for wasps and spiders. All our swimming pools have a 20-year guarantee, and we’re always on hand when you need assistance. Plus, we don’t sell through agents. When you buy from us, you get a direct deal and door-to-door delivery, right to your office space. That means no added levies or middleman charges. Nothing but good quality and great prices that will boost the value of your business.

To install a pocket-friendly pool on your commercial premises, call Affordable Pools today on (02) 8625 3656.