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The SPASA expo was a great success

The expo was a great success, acting as the perfect platform to connect us to many of our customers who are looking to get their pool organised in the near future.  We loved the whole friendly vibe throughout the event and really look forward to following up with everyone we Read more…

About Us

Run by the friendly husband and wife team Jeff and Lola, our main focus is keeping the business family friendly while producing a quality product at the best reasonable price. Jeff comes from a manufacturing background while Lola is a whizz upstairs in the office!

Why Choose Us

We offer a wide range of products and high quality. We sell directly to the public Having lower overheads and selling direct to the public, we happily pass the saving on to you.

Above Ground Swimming Pool For Sale

Savings directly to you

We do not have agents selling our products, i.e. no middleman, therefore, we offer excellent prices direct from the factory to you. WE HAPPILY PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU.

Above Ground Pool Sales


BRAND NEW SPECIAL! Not only have we slashed prices on our Palm Cove & Cape York Pools, but we have also included a free leaf cover on certain sizes!! ABSOLUTELY FREE!