Best pool shapes for 2017

Buying an above ground pool is a big decision, one of the first few things you need to consider after budget and location is the shape of your pool.

Your above ground swimming pool provider will be able to assess the size of your yard and show you how different shapes can work for you, they’ll also be able to advise you against the shapes that won’t work. They can show you a range of shapes and style you had probably never even thought of, they can also offer suggestions of decking and landscaping designs that could suit your pool.

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In 2017 there are a huge range of pool shapes and designs –

  • Square – a square pool gives your yard a more formal look and feel – they can be added to by the addition of a water wall or a square shaped spa can be added and attached to your pool.
  • Rectangle – a classic shape that is still in fashion today, the straight lines give you a formal looking pool, and while you may think a long pool (especially a lap pool) is outdated you need to think again. An easy way to make a rectangular pool look less formal is to round the corners for a softer look.
  • Circle – round swimming pools offer a softer and less formal looking swimming pool and they can still make good use of your space. One trend with circular swimming pools is creating a perimeter over-flow pool which adds an infinity pool look, that can still be enhanced with the addition of a spa or water wall.
  • Oval – as with a round pool, oval shaped pools are less formal, are still a good use of space and can be enhanced by decking, a spa or landscaping.
  • Kidney – the kidney shaped pool is similar to the oval in design but with a curved indentation on one side. Kidney shaped pools not only look *more natural* they also provide you with the natural positioning for a deeper end.
  • Best Pool Shapes for 2017

  • Freeform – think curves, freeform pools are fully customisable and can be designed around your yards natural elements, so they blend into nature. With indentations in place they are perfect for adding a spa, a water wall or some landscaping. Freeform pools are modern pools that let you have a completely different look to the rest of the pools in your area.
  • Geometric – this style is an off-shoot of the freeform pool, it allows you to customise the different square or rectangular sections of your pool, for you own unique layout.
  • Figure eight – you get the functionality of a lap pool, along the middle, but with rounded portions on both ends – that don’t have to be the same size, you can use your backyard space accordingly. One end can be shallower for children and the other end deeper.

Researching your above ground pool

Perhaps you are thinking of an above ground pool for your yard for next summer? Now, is a great time to start thinking about a new pool. Above ground pools are the perfect alternative to the costs involved with an in-ground pool, and they still give you all the same benefits!

Shopping for an above ground pool can be confusing with so many sizes and options available. If you are thinking about a new above ground pool here are some things to look at and consider.

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  • SIZE – before you even start looking for an above ground pool, you need to get out the tape measure, there are a range of pool sizes available, and it helps if you know what size you are looking for. Is you yard suited to a round pool or would an oval pool fit in better? Oval shaped pools are great for a narrow yard but you have less volume and less swimming area. Oval size pools are also more expensive to buy and install, round pools offer better value for money. Once you know what size pool will fit – then you can find out what size pools are available for you.
  • WHAT IS THE POOL MADE OF? – above ground pools often come in 3 types, steel, aluminium and resin plastic. When searching for your pool you want the pool that fits your budget, so you need to compare what each pool is made of….. ALUMINIUM – while they won’t rust, over time they will corrode and oxidise, but the aluminium wall panels are softer and more flexible. STEEL – steel walls can hold up to the environment they are dipped and coated in protective layers so look for hot dipped Zinc, galvanised steel, the top uprights should also have this coating to maximise protection against corrosion. Steel is naturally tough and rigid which will give the pool great structural integrity. RESIN PLASTIC – Resin pools have their pros and cons… they need to have a good UV coating as they are outside but the top rails aren’t as hot to touch as aluminium and steel top rails are when sat in the sun.
  • Researching Your Above Ground Pool

  • ABOVE GROUND POOL PACKAGES – unless you are replacing an existing pool, you would be looking at a pool package which includes a pump, filter, ladder, etc. Affordable Pools has a range of options, so choose the one that gives you best value for money. Always look at what comes with the pool, this is the way to choose the best value.

Pools and pool packages vary, so look for the best pool and the best package for your needs. The *off-season* is a great time to buy your pool, to take advantage of deals and specials and book an installation.