Fun “Must Have” Items for Your Swimming Pool


Fully Decked

When you think of summer you think of trips away, time off school or work and being able to lay by the pool working on a safe tan. After all, there is no better place to be than relaxing in your above ground pool in your own backyard. Today we are spoilt for choice – there are so many wonderful pool accessories out there to help you get even more enjoyment from your above ground pool.

  1. Floating wireless speakers – you can now enjoy all your favourite music streamed wirelessly to a floating speaker in your pool. Some floating speakers available also come with lights to illuminate your pool at night.
  2. Portable wireless Bluetooth speakers – there are a range of tough outdoor Bluetooth speakers perfect for poolside, always look for a waterproof or water-resistant speaker depending on if you want music in the pool or just outside to listen to. These speakers are easy to carry and robust able to handle knocks and scrapes. Always look for the battery life – the longer lasting the battery – the longer your music will last.
  3. Floating solar powered lights – these come in a variety of styles and colours and if you do a lot of afternoon/evening swimming or entertaining they provide light, while making your pool and water look pretty cool!
  4. Inflatables – they just aren’t for kids. You can buy a range of inflatables for your pool, from innertubes to thongs, they are great for lounging just out of the water – catching some sun, reading a book or just relaxing to music. When buying inflatables always consider the size of the pool – you don’t want two or three massive inflatables taking up the whole space, consider who else may be using the pool at the same time – everyone needs space to splash about and have fun.
  5. Games – for the kids there are lot of games that can be played in the pool, from underwater toys they must dive down to retrieve to inflatable games like naughts and crosses that can be played on the grass or in the pool, an inflatable games square and 5 X’s and O’s. This simple game can be played by all ages.
  6. Pool Noodles, every backyard pools must have, you can use them for play fighting or just as a flotation device, you can wrap them around yourself and so much more.
  7. Another really cool inflatable is a basketball ring. Kids are guaranteed to have hours of fun seeing who can score the most goals, swimming around the pool to get the ball, jumping in and out of the pool to retrieve a wayward ball, everyone will be getting fitter without even realising it.

With so much available to add to your pool, it’s gone from a place to stay cool to your very own mini fun park!

Looking After Your Above Ground Pool

Billabong Freshwater Pool


Surprisingly there is a little bit of maintenance required with an above ground pool. It isn’t as simple as just filling a pool with water and jumping in. Of course, being able to cool off in summer and watching your family and friends enjoying themselves in the summer it is all worth it. For sparking water that is clean and healthy there are things you will need to do.

  1. The filter and pump can be considered the heart of your above ground pool as it helps keep your water clear. Pumps provide the force to circulate the water pushing it through the filter. You should aim to push ALL the water in your pool, through the filter every 8 hours. The best time to run your pump and filter is during the day for an 8 to 12 hour stretch. It’s very important that the water circulates around the perimeter of your pool. Water that is in motion makes it harder for algae and bacteria to form and directs debris into your skimmer where it can be captured by your filter
  2. Your filter is there to catch and remove both microscopic particles and debris. Cartridge filters have a cartridge inside that can be removed and washed using a garden hose, however, your cartridge will need to be replaced eventually to ensure your filter is working correctly.
  3. Above ground pools have areas with little or no circulation and these areas are breeding grounds for problems like algae, so the walls and floor of your pool should be brushed and vacuumed once a week. Even if you use an automatic cleaner brushing once a week is recommended.
  4. Test your water regularly for both sanitisers and PH levels. By testing 2 or 3 times a week you’ll understand how rain and sun and chemical applications affect your pool water. Regular testing will ensure crystal clear water all season long. A digital test strip reader will make this job a lot faster. If you find it hard to maintain your PH, check your alkalinity to ensure it’s within the right range and adjust accordingly.
  5. Chlorine tablets are the most efficient and common sanitisers to use in an above ground pool. These tablets are compressed so they will dissolve slowly to release chlorine to keep your water clean and wipe out any bacteria. Chlorine also comes in sticks and granules but whichever one you choose, you want a stabilised chlorine which is a process that protects it from the damaging rays of the sun – making the chlorine last longer and work more effectively.
  6. Debris will build up in the water from hair spray, sun lotions and even perspiration and this can cause skin and eye irritation or odour. Chlorine is often blamed for this, but it can be the contaminants which are stopping the chlorine from doing its job. When this happens, you need to *shock* your pool once a week to oxidise contaminants and free up the chlorine to keep your water crystal clear. Regular treatments will also kill any resistant algae in the water.