Landscaping around your above ground pool

Thankfully the new styles of above ground pools look nice. Gone are the days when you didn’t have much choice – Blue, Blue or blue….in the past above ground pools were in a word – ugly. Today more and more people are installing above ground pools as they are more affordable than in ground style swimming pools – this means *anyone* can have a fully functioning pool in their own back yard!

In the past above ground pools were considered an eye-sore in your yard, just sitting there on the ground, today, this is where landscaping your garden properly around an above ground pool turns it into a feature of your yard. A large pool sitting there in the middle of your yard can look awful, but add some pretty landscaping and you go from drab to fab.

Add some shrubs, small trees, walkways, mulch or stones, a nice deck or border – with the right landscaping your pool can look amazing!

Landscaping works and looks best when done in a somewhat symmetrical way and with some careful planning.

● Give your pool a border – the bottom of your above ground pool should be maintained on the outside – all the way around, so you can start by creating a border of some kind 20cm away from the bottom track. There are so many borders you can use here from timber to stone, concrete or even plastic. Then add some mulch or rocks/stones for decoration, not only does it look good it will make for better drainage around the pool. Consider too where the pools pump or equipment is, if you can see it from the house you can also landscape around it with a border, mulch or rocks and even a small shrub to hide it. Don’t plant anything too close to the equipment as you will need access to everything.

● Add a walkway – it doesn’t matter how close – or far away – your pool is from the house a walkway is a great way to keep not only the pool cleaner – but your house as well. People walking back and forth over dirt and grass can make a much bigger mess than you’d think. Adding a nice landscaped walkway also adds to the overall look of your pool. There is so much you can do here – stepping stones, patio stones etc. and you can finish off by bordering the pathway using timber, rocks and mulch or even a few shrubs planted along the way. Your walkway will look perfect when matched in well with the pool border.

● Adding some trees – having trees or shrubs that are taller than, or as tall as the above ground pool adds dimension, and plants are fine if you don’t plant them too close to the pool, as, over time their roots will find their way under your pool. It’s not a huge deal but after a few years you may feel the roots under the pool liner.

Swimming pool safety tips

When you live in Australia owning a swimming pool is second nature, thanks to our long hot summers the backyard above ground swimming pool has been a staple in yards for decades. Unfortunately, the pool has been the scene of many drownings and near drownings for just as long, today drownings can be prevented if you are vigilant and not only pay attention when your child is around water, but install the correct pool fencing and gates and make sure they are in perfect working order AT ALL TIMES.

Being able to come home from school or work and take a dip in your above ground pool on a hot summer day is a bonus and laying by the pool after a swim is a great way to relax and to enjoy the sunshine. It doesn’t matter how old your children or guests are and no matter how good a swimmer someone is, you should never become complacent about pool security.

Above ground swimming pools

● Prevent any possible injuries – having a pool is more than just keeping it clean and topped with water, you also need to have some pool safety *rules* to prevent accidents

● Be alert – always watch children when they are near the pool and NEVER leave children unattended – even for a few moments. It’s your job to avoid getting distracted and keep an eye on the pool.

●    Keep your pool locked – Have good quality pool fencing put up around your above ground pool, lock it of a night and don’t leave the keys where children can find them.

● Teach your children proper water safety – be sure that anyone – children and adults alike know how to swim and to understand they are NOT to swim without an adult present and not to run around the pool. Never leave children alone, even if there are other older children in the water with them – they won’t know how to deal with an emergency like you do. If you have children who can’t swim, or who don’t have confidence IN the water they should always wear approved floatation devices or vests.

● Have proper lighting installed – Light any path ways and the pool area with good lighting, this way all areas in and around the pool are visible.

● Make up your own pool safety kit – put together your own little water safety kit and keep it by the pool area, it should include a proper first aid kit and a pair of scissors that can be used – if necessary – to cut away any hair or clothing that may get caught in a flotation device or filter.

● Keep children away from filters – always keep children away from filters and pumps, tell them the dangers if they become trapped and that the area around a filter or pump isn’t a safe place for them to play.